Bird shows improving scooter economics, long march to profitability

Newly reported financial data from Bird, an American scooter-sharing service, shows a company with an improving economic model and a multiyear path to profitability. However, that path is fraught.

This is how much VCs are paid

Venture capital is known for being an opaque industry, so it's no surprise most of us have no idea what the average VC earns in a year.

Crunch Report | Instagram Shoppable Photos

Today’s Stories  Instagram tests shoppable photo tags Google launches Tango AR smartphone system Mobile internet use passes desktop for the first time, study finds Sony’s profit down 86% but

The Profit Is In Another Castle: Nintendo Records First-Ever Annual Loss

Citing poor sales of the <a HREF="">Nintendo</a> <a HREF="">3DS</a> and "the stronger yen against the euro was also another reason," Ni

Apple is definitely NOT going to lose money making the iPad

Well, iSuppli is at it again, and this time they are deconstructing the iPad. Admittedly they aren’t 100% sure about what exactly is inside the new device, they are taking their best shot at it

Sony returns to black in last quarter, sees signs of hope for the future

<img src="" /> Sony hasn't been able to report good news on the financial front for quite <a href="http://ww

Sony getting closer to seeing a profit on PS3 sales

<img src="" />When the PS3 was first launched, Sony was losing about $200 for every console sold. As time has passed, Sony has worked out

HP announces 4Q profits, and the news is good

<img src="" />In financial news, HP delivered something positive today. The fourth quarter has been a good one, with HP reporting a ne

Sony loses $390.5 million

<img src="" />Poof! <a href="">Sony</a> lost $390.5 million in the first quarter compared to a pr

3G iPhone is still profitable at $199

When people first saw the price of the new iPhone they thought, “Wow, how can Apple do that”? Well, ISuppli estimates the new iPhone will be cheaper to manufacture then the first one (I kn

Mozilla makes free software, plenty of money

For a company that makes its living by producing open source software, Mozilla’s doing quite well for itself. It brought in almost $67 million in 2006, up 26% from the year before. It spent just

Motorola Sales Not RIZNG

Bad news for all you INVSTRS out there: Motorola sales are sinking and it’s not subtle. The telecom giant has posted a loss of a whopping $181 million for Q1 alone. Decreasing sales of mobile ha

Helio Hits 70,000

Everybody’s favorite MVNO Helio today announced that it had reached 70,000 subscribers, a pretty substantial number for a year old company. The results were released because Earthlink, Helio&#82

Sony Profit Down, Nintendo Profit Up: Is CG Wrong?

Wii: Great for babies, the mentally deficient. It seems that Sony’s games division lost 54.2 billion yen ($445 million dollars) after the release of the PS3 this year. The company attributes the