• Exclusive: ProfileBuilder Acquires

    Update: This deal fell through. ZingFu was never acquired. Online identity management platform company ProfileBuilder has acquired, a social-networking resource site with 600,000 registered members. Milwaukee based provides “zany content,” with products including Zing, a photo manipulation tool, Pets, a “tomgatchi style toy,” and Zany Cards… Read More

  • ProfileBuilder: Manage Your Profile, Not Accounts

    With a plethora of social networks for everyone from knitters to dog lovers, managing our increasing number of long tail profiles is a huge pain. The problem of managing a fragmented identity has been attacked two ways: creating a new master account (OpenID), aggregating identity through search (Spock, Wink), or aggregating management of all your accounts on one site. The latter solution… Read More

  • Profile Builder Launches Tonight At TechCrunch Meetup

    At tonight’s ninth TechCrunch meet-up, identity management service Profile Builder is launching and demoing their product on Profile Builder’s solution tackles the fragmentation of our online identity caused by the increasing number of services vying for our attention. With Profile Builder, you can create one profile to link together all of your bits of online identity… Read More