• Amazon expands its online gift shop “Interesting Finds,” adds human curation

    Amazon expands its online gift shop “Interesting Finds,” adds human curation

    Following its debut earlier this year, Amazon quietly launched a revamped and expanded version of Pinterest-like feature called “Interesting Finds,” which is also now available on mobile. Tucked away inside the “More from Amazon” section of its mobile app as well as on the web, the Interesting Finds section offers shoppers a curated feed of products across a… Read More

  • Product Psychology Explains How To Get Users Hooked On Products Designed Around Habit And Context

    Product Psychology Explains How To Get Users Hooked On Products Designed Around Habit And Context

    Today, a group of product-focused creators — “Hooked” author Nir Eyal, Product Hunt’s Ryan Hoover, and Greylock Partners’s Josh Elman, among others — are hoping to follow up on that newsletter’s success with the launch of Product Psychology, a weekly course on the psychology of user behavior. Read More

  • Apple’s New Product Strategy

    Apple’s New Product Strategy

    Apple appears to be on a kick of delivering product refreshes to punctuate its major release cycle, with changes to devices and tweaked versions that go beyond what it has done in terms of spec refreshes in the past. It looks like we could see a new era of light changes in direction to cater to market trends and optimize product viability under Tim Cook, which in many ways makes sense for a… Read More

  • Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins Launches SimpleUPC: Product Information-As-A-Service

    Pushpins, Inc., the makers of a mobile app for saving on groceries, have launched a new service called SimpleUPC targeted towards mobile app developers. SimpleUPC, which is available as an API (application programming interface), provides product information as a service for the use in mobile apps like barcode scanners, shopping lists and nutrition trackers. The API contains data on over… Read More

  • The Lumimask: A Mask That Wakes You As Gently As Mother Nature There are plenty of clocks that “light” the room slowly, flooding your optic nerves with crisp morning luminosity in order to wake you the way Madre Natura wanted us to. But until now there’s never been a mask that will wake you with the same soothing change in… Read More

  • ZDNet Wants You To Review Products, Will Let You Keep 'Em

    Do you want to be a part of the glamorous world of technology writing? I mean, who wouldn’t? Beginning this week, ZDNet is giving you the chance to become a Deputy Product Tester. Every week, ZDNet will pick at least one person to do a hands-on test of a product of the site’s choosing. Afterward, you get to keep the product (so long as you’re based here in the U.S.). Should… Read More

  • Jobs Kicking-Off WWDC 2007

    Everyone loves the WWDC. Know why? Because it’s the time of the year when Steve Jobs announces some awesome new product and everyone gets out their rumor machines in the big run up, hoping that this year it’s an iWoman, a lady-sized iMac with muliple ports. This year will be no exception. Jobs is set to start WWDC 2007 with a keynote that will address Mac OS X Leopard. Read More