productivity week

Productivity on the Road

I was supposed to finish this piece last Friday to cap off productivity, but, in fact, I was traveling. That’s right. I couldn’t do a piece on travel productivity because I was traveling.

Productivity, piracy and you: Or, how much sense does this make?

Before I write this gem of a post, let me attempt to absolve myself of all legal responsibility: I’m merely doing what I was told to do. That should hold up in court, no? My second charge this f

Productivity: Save money on gas by driving more efficiently

Our ground-breaking series on productivity continues today with a quick look at making your car as fuel-efficient as possible, or just how to save yourself some money while driving around town. For wh

Tip #2: Have a place for everything

We all love our gadgets, but that love can sometimes lead to a mess of wires and lost time looking for chargers. If you find yourself with this dilemma, it might be a good idea to buy docking stations

Productivity Tips: Take a Tech break and use paper

Since this is Productivity Week, I was told to come up with some short and sweet tips for you to enjoy. So I quickly started to brainstorm. At first I was using my computer to try and find tips, but I

Building your productive workspace: Yes you can!

Let’s start with the basics here for CrunchGear’s Productivity Week; your workspace. Everyone’s work area should be an exercise in functionality and each one will undoubtedly be as u

CrunchGear's Productivity Week starts now!

We feel bad that many of you sit at your desks or in your cubicles and read our silly gadget blog instead of getting real work done. Sure, you do enough to get by, but you’re never going to get