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Virtual product placement ads are coming to Amazon Prime Video and Peacock

Announced at this month’s NewFronts, Amazon and Peacock demonstrated new ad formats that use similar virtual product placement (VPP) tools, a post-production technique for inserting a brand into

Virtual product placement is coming for TV and movies and Ryff has raised cash to put it there

In a world where ad rates are declining for traditional broadcast media, the corporations responsible for making the fictions that millions devour daily need to find a new business model. Subscription

Prime Down: Amazon’s sale day turns into fail day

Update: Here’s how to get around Amazon’s error. Use TechCrunch confirmed this workaround works. It’s not just you. Amazon Prime Day started 15 minutes ago, and so

MediaSpike Says Its Network For In-Game Product Placement Now Reaches 20M Unique Users

<a target="_blank" href="">MediaSpike</a>, a startup that helps mobile and social game developers make money through product placement, is reportedly growing at an impressive

Apple Product Placement Architect Suzanne Lindbergh Confirms Departure To Jawbone

Apple executive Suzanne Lindbergh, who has been with the company for 25 years, confirmed via email today that she has accepted a new position with speaker and Bluetooth accessory maker Jawbone. The ma

Video: Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin pitch Verizon Wireless with wry approach

[youtube] I always thought Mike Myers was the ultimate in product placement, but Tina Fey has thrown down the gauntlet. Myers made fun of advertis