product management

Why product equity has become a business imperative for the future of digital products

The full power of emerging technology cannot be realized without a diverse set of imaginations to fuel it.

The 6 most important things to know about SaaS+ product architecture

Being aligned on these concepts will drive product roadmap, core technical architecture, pricing strategy and product marketing.

Feels like you missed the generative AI train? 5 steps for speeding ahead in 90 days

This article is for any founder who feels like they're late for the train — or who's all aboard, but not going fast enough.

3 key metrics for cybersecurity product managers

Talking to users, prospects and non-users will help PMs understand the needs, pain points and challenges cybersecurity teams are facing.

Cycle is a new product management hub that centralizes all customer feedback

Meet Cycle, a French startup that is building a collaboration tool for product managers where they can collect data from various tools, work on the next product iterations and close the feedback loop

5 product management tips that can help startups thrive in 2023

As companies cut costs to extend their runways, here's how product managers can make the most of a tough situation.

Mighty Capital’s thesis is that the best product wins — even more so in a downturn

You can't be product-led without a great product.

Reusable packaging startup Olive creates new model to keep clothes out of landfills

The company combines delivery of clothing and accessories in waste-free, reusable packaging with easier consignment.

Goldsky raises $20M to bring real-time, on-chain data to crypto companies

Despite well-known volatility in the crypto market, crypto startups building infrastructure to support the industry’s long-term growth have seemed to fare better than their peers. This is especi

Crafting an XaaS customer success strategy that drives growth

Successful companies realize that customer success is a mindset that places the customer at the organization’s center.

To bring PLG to cybersecurity, let’s change our hiring habits

There is a lot a company needs to do to succeed with a PLG strategy, and hiring product managers is not enough — neither can it be the first step.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Down-funnel growth metrics, RIF planning, is e-commerce aggregation over?

It’s hard to argue with the proverb “measure twice and cut once,” especially when it comes to laying off employees.

Five Flute annotates hardware product development into the current millennium

Product managers for software have a pretty thankless job — figuring out which features to put into a development sprint, how to prioritize what the developers work on and collecting requirement

4 principles for building an MVP even if you can’t write a single line of code

If you haven’t found a technical co-founder or freelancer to build your MVP, here are four principles that will help in the meantime.

Meet the second wave of Disrupt Audience Choice roundtable winners

We asked TechCrunch readers to vote for the roundtable sessions they would most like to see at TC Disrupt on October 18–20 in San Francisco, and startup fans from around the world have spoken. Round

How e-commerce brands can outlast this market downturn

For e-commerce brands, the wave of bad economic news is a shot across the bow heralding a major change in consumer spending. Bleak times are ahead, but there’s room for optimism.

Hivery bags new money to automatically optimize product placement on store shelves

Hivery, a startup that bills itself as an “optimization platform” for retailers, today announced that it raised $30 million in a Series B round led by Tiger Global, the embattled private e

7 ways investors can gain clarity while conducting technical due diligence

When it comes to assessing investment opportunities, few venture and growth equity investors have the resources to conduct thorough technical diligence. This needs to change.

How to keep your development team aligned with the company’s product vision

When you have a development team aligned with the product vision, communication becomes easier, and there is lower dependency on key stakeholders.

UK’s Magical Mushroom Company uses mycelium to replace plastic packaging

Global plastic waste has more than doubled, and 40% of that waste comes from packaging. Luckily there is no shortage of sustainable packaging startups in Europe. Just take a look: Circleback (Germany)
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