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  • In a tech-saturated world, customer feedback is everything Crunch Network

    In a tech-saturated world, customer feedback is everything

    I’ve found that the most valuable design tool in the 21st century is rather old-fashioned: customer feedback. Technology has produced huge breakthroughs in design. A product can be ideated, prototyped and finalized with little more than a keyboard and code. But the ingenuity of modern design often leads to product teams neglecting the basics. Read More

  • Taking the “dysfunction” out of cross-functional teams Crunch Network

    Taking the “dysfunction” out of cross-functional teams

    As part of our Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) engineering meet-up series, I had the opportunity to host a panel of leaders of various functions at Twitter, Oculus and Facebook to discuss best practices in cross-group teamwork and collaboration — this is what they said. Read More

  • When Crowdfunding Fails The Backers Are Left With No Way Out

    When Crowdfunding Fails The Backers Are Left With No Way Out

    A few years ago an enterprising programmer dug through Kickstarter’s data to figure out how many failed projects there really were. Thanks to a trick in the coding, however, none showed up. This system, which was described as an effort to bring the best projects to the fore, worked well for Kickstarter when it was small and the projects were usually tiny. Now, however, the failures are… Read More

  • The Billion Dollar Mind Trick

    The Billion Dollar Mind Trick

    Yin asked not to be identified by her real name. A young addict in her mid-twenties, she lives in Palo Alto and, despite her addiction, attends Stanford University. She has all the composure and polish you’d expect of a student at a prestigious school, yet she succombs to her habit throughout the day. She can’t help it; she’s compulsively hooked. Yin is an Instagram addict. Read More

  • The Futurist: The Impending Liberation Of Mobile Phone Designs

    Much of a phone’s form factor is a result of the need for the device to, above all else, work as a phone. That is, it must be held against your face. Of course, this is changing. The past few years have seen Bluetooth headsets spread from middle managers to nightclubs. In a few years, the idea of actually talking directly into your phone will be as archaic as a rotary dial. That’s… Read More

  • The Futurist: Making Products Better or… CrunchGear Original Concept Designs

    We live in an ergonomically-challenged world. It really is amazing how much our appliances and gadgets rely on archaic designs that are almost senselessly stress-inducing So we got to thinking—what are some simple ways we could improve the appliances around us to be more people-friendly? So I called up the best product design expert I know: human factors design consultant Eric Porges… Read More