AcreTrader raises $5M to help people invest in a fruitful asset class: farmland

Carter Malloy thinks that lucrative investments include dirt, some seeds, maintenance, and growth — literally. So, he founded Fayetteville, Arkansas-based AcreTrader, an online farmland investme

ProducePay nabs $190 million debt financing for its purchasing program for farmers

Los Angeles-based ProducePay has inked a $190 million debt facility from CoVenture and TCM Capital to expand its purchasing model and marketplace for farmers. ProducePay offers farmers cash advances t

ProducePay raises $77 million in debt and equity to revolutionize farm financing

When Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck was growing up he always loved the work he saw going on around his family’s farm. But without the aptitude for it, Schwarzbeck chose to go the business school rout

ProducePay raises $2.5M to bring cashflow to farmers

ProducePay has raised $2.5 million to solve what CEO Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck said is a major issue for farmers — getting paid in a timely manner for their crops. Borquez Schwarzbeck explained that