Hailo’s new AI chips bring more image processing power to the edge

Hailo, the well-funded Tel Aviv-based AI chipmaker, today announced the launch of its latest processor family: the Hailo-15H, M and L SoCs. Like its predecessor, the Hailo-8, the company designed thes

Intel reveals its new 18-core, 36-thread “extreme” Core i9 processor at Computex

At its Computex event in Taipei today, Intel unveiled its new Core X-series of processors. The debut of its latest high-end desktop CPUs wasn’t a surprise after plans were leaked earlier this month,

Apple May Have Tapped Taiwan’s TSMC For A6X Processor Production

Apple is looking to shift production of its mobile device processors to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company sooner rather than later, according to Taiwan-based newspaper The Commercial Times (v

Samsung Gets Bigger Payday From Apple’s A6 Processor Production, But Kept Out Of Design

Apple and Samsung depend heavily on one another, despite the fact that they're also at each other's throats in intellectual property legal disputes around the world. But Apple is looking to reduce Sam

Apple Job Posting Hints At Major New System-On-A-Chip Design Effort

Apple posted multiple job ads today, and one in particular is interesting given the company's recent decisions. The posting is seeking an "SoC Modelling Architect / Lead," or in the words of the job d

The iPhone 5’s Greatest Inside Story: Chipmaking Maturation For Apple

The iPhone 5 brings a lot to the table, but a lot of its changes lie under the hood away from prying eyes. Or, at least, away from those eyes until Friday when it'll get opened up by a host of folks,

Better than Intel: Fujitsu develops world's fastest processor

<img src="" /> Bad news for Intel for two <a href="

Super-overclocked Duron

[youtube] Do not try this at home. Thanks, Phil!

Keep your datacenter green with AMD's quad-core Opteron

If you’re a datacenter manager with power consumption on your list of things to reduce, then you’re in luck. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced Monday it will be releasing, low-power(H

AMD To World: We've Got Your 65nm CPUs Right Here

AMD is sticking to its promise to ship 65nm processors before the end of 2006. The more energy-efficient chips, code-named Brisbane, will be available in limited quantities as dual-core Athlon 64 X2 5