My white iPhone 3G crack

Ladies and gentlemen, I present my iPhone 3G crack. This appeared after a day of fairly heavy usage with lots of pulling in and out of the pocket and briefcase. I didn’t sit on it or smash it bu

Sony to release fixed PS3 firmware this week

Last week’s PS3 firmware update left some angry gamers in its wake as reports of jacked up consoles made their way around the internet shortly after Sony made version 2.40 of its PS3 software availa

500 Errors: Yes, we know

We’re getting some wonky 500 errors on the site. Please bear with us as we go through this troubling time – together.

Off-topic: Has anyone solved the new MS SQL injection hack?

Quick question for all you programmers. I’m dealing with an MS SQL injection problem on a site running Windows 2000 and MS SQL 2003. Has anyone seen/solved this problem yet?

Can someone send me today's email digest?

Apparently folks are having trouble with our Feedburner daily digest. Can someone who got it this morning (4/28/08) send it to john @ and/or if you had some sort of problem with IE can

Computer not turning on? Here's an exhaustive list of possible problems and solutions

I had this problem a few months ago when I was putting together my current PC. First I got a loud system beep and the CMOS display would stop somewhere in the 20s. That turned out to be my video card

Help Key: Fix an iPhone caught in a bad reboot cycle or that won't boot

This has come up a few times in the past couple days with folks trying to install pwned and failing. What happens is that the firmware doesn’t flash correctly and you have an iPhone or Touch cau

Reader Rants: Sony's PS3 customer service killed my baby [Updated Again]

Reader Mike sends in this rant about his experience with PS3’s customer support. Long story short, his PS3 stopped working and he had to send in his old unit before Sony sent him a new unit &mda

NVIDIA makes up a manly slice of Vista Crash Pie

Now THAT is a delicious looking piece of pie. That’s the size of slice I like when everyone else at the table’s on a diet. “Yeah, you know what?,” I’ll say, “Gimme

Former Australian WiMAX operator: "WiMAX may not work"

The CEO of Buzz Broadband just shuttered his WiMAX network and, in a conference in Bangkok, called the technology worthless. He complains that out of line-of-sight with the antenna WiMAX degrades horr

Fixing the Firefox 3 JFIF problem

Click to see full-sized image. Not sure what purpose it serves, but Firefox 3 on OS X changes the names of jpg files to jfif, which is the umbrella filetype for JPEG encoded files. As a blogger and co

Verizon down in NYC?

Got a tip from some sad-eyed Verizon customers that the service is down completely in Manhattan. We’re trying a few phones here at the office and will try to figure out if this is a tri-state ki

EDGE network down in Pittsburgh?

A reader just sent in a tip that EDGE service might be down in the Pittsburgh area. It appears, at least on my iPhone, that EDGE is down in the Pittsburgh area. Anyone else say anything about this? Ho

MacBook Air: Weapon of TSA distraction

Care of the Onion Here, friends, is the danger of depending too much on X-ray searches — there is a valley between the dangerous and the benign and most items fit in it but if you make something

CloudBook unboxed and riddled with problems [Update]

Our pals over at Laptop got their mitts on the CloudBook and they’ve run into two major problems. I guess it’s three, but they’re only reporting on two. They can’t even get it

Apple TV's "Take Two" upgrade rocks; Causing problems with Leopard for anyone else?

[photopress:SG100264.jpg,full,center] So I had to wait an extra day for some reason, but last night I got my Take Two upgrade for my Apple TV up and running. I rented an HD movie (The Simpsons, for th

OQO's massive QC failure and apology

Fortunately and unfortunately us tech journos get pretty good technical support. We make a call to someone in company PR, they come and help us, and we rarely go through the hoops normal consumers fac

Upgraded iPods shorting out headphones?

There are some reports of 500mv of DC current popping up from 1.1 firmware iPod Classics. It seems there is some sort of software problem that makes the devices short out when the iPods are off and ca

Bloglines breaks on div tags?

This is a quick test to see if Bloglines and other RSS readers breaks on links. Dear RSS reader readers: There should be a link [between these brackets] if there isn’t then there’s somethi

LG Rumor has problems, big problems

The LG Rumor for Sprint appears to have major issues. Big time problems. A debugging menu has been found on the device that triggers a complete wipe of the phone including its firmware. For the time b
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