Comcast Makes It More And More Difficult To Opt-Out Of Internet Sharing

As we learned back in June, Comcast has decided to turn every cable router on its network into a public wi-fi access point. While this may sound like a good idea – free Internet for all Comcast

A German Company Is Printing Food For The Elderly

A German company, <a target="_blank" href="">Biozoon</a>, is working on a 3D-printed food extruder that creates food that literally melts in your mouth, allowing el

Running On Empty: WakeMate Finds Out What Happens When Partners Break Up

Something strange happened this week with <a href="">Wakemate</a>, a Y-Combinator-funded project that was a tech world high flyer for a while. The product, a wrist s

Kickstarter Exposes 70,000 Unlaunched Projects

According to the <a HREF="">Kickstarter API blog</a>, a bug caused 70,000 unlaunched projects to be publicly visible over the weekend, allowing folks

Comments Are A Little Borked Today

<img src="">It seems comments are a little borked today as the Disqus plug-in failed during our last update and problems just started sh

RIM To Playbook Doubters: L8R H8R, Battery Life Is Just Fine

<img src="">Remember when <a href="">some dud

Ivyskin SmartCases Now Shipping… Without Batteries

Way back in 2008 we started paying attention to a company called Ivyskin. They first offered a solar iPhone case, which was just ugly, and they they offered something called the SmartCase, an iPad cas

Sigh. We're Still Having Malware Issues – UPDATE: All Clear

Many browsers are throwing up some warnings due to potential malware being served up. We are not currently serving up junk and our tech man is working on it. UPDATE – All is well. Our ninja Andy

No, We're Not Serving Up Malware

While I would love to share with you guys the logic bomb I wrote in high school that moved my floppy drive read head into a corner of the drive that caused massive damage to the disk inside (it never

You May Have Noticed Comments Are Broken

We’d ask you to comment below about the problem of broken comments, but you can’t. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on as we speak. Until then, please feel free to leave

Technical difficulties abound this week

For some odd reason we’re having lots of problems updating the site this week. We’re going to be moving off or Rackspace soon – we’ll be hosted by WordPress just like Big Daddy

Update: Pushfix for Jailbroken iPhones caused Push broadcast problems

<img src="">We have an update on the <a HREF="

iPhone Push problem broadcasts your AIMs to random recipients, could affect jailbroken/unlocked phones

<img src=""><a HREF="">Till Schadde</a>, founder of development house <a HREF="

The great iPhone 3.0 problem of aught-nine: Sporadic Wi-Fi

<img src="" /><a HREF="">There's

Bloops: AT&T outage coincides with Wal-Mart 3G sales

<img src="" alt="iphone_smashed"> <a HREF="

MacBook "no button" trackpads not registering clicks

digg_url = ‘’; A tip came in this weekend from someone with a fleet of new MacBooks. His complaint? Every 50 o

Is the site hosed in IE7 under Windows?

We’re getting reports that our CSS is borked. Anyone else seeing it?

Rumor broken? Don't bother Sprint about it

Reader Mark sent us this chat he had with Sprint’s customer relations bot informing him that his broken Rumor was his problem and none of their own. The phone has been regularly borking for peop

Privacy Issue haver, please email John

Dear Person With Privacy Issues, Please email me a screenshot of your experience so I can recreate it on our servers and throw out some of the junk that higher powers have accreted onto CG over the pa

Our feed, she is sick

We’re trying to fix the RSS feed problem. It seems our installation isn’t sending files through to Feedburner and, as a result, we are all crying. This feed seems to work if you must get y
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