Whenever pro-rata rights are involved, you can always smell some drama.

Pro-rata is easier to get than ever today, but investors are thinking twice

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What the new VC show-and-tell means for signaling risk

A month ago, we asked several venture capitalists if they planned to change the way they invest or lead rounds during COVID-19 — most said no, but they noted that valuations were coming down and founders in their portfolio companies were responding to the crisis. Northzone’s Paul Murphy predicted fewer FOMO rounds because investors will…

12:32 pm PDT • May 5, 2020
What the new VC show-and-tell means for signaling risk

Stripe raises new funding, Uber acknowledges financial uncertainty and a controversial facial recognition startup accidentally exposes its source code. Here’s your Daily Crunch for April 17, 2020. 1. Stripe raises…

Daily Crunch: Stripe now valued at $36B

In a message posted to its internal communications channel earlier this week, the massive startup accelerator Y Combinator said it will change the terms of its own PPP (the YC…

Changing policy, Y Combinator cuts its pro rata stake and makes investments case-by-case

In the context of a term sheet, pro rata rights (or pro rata) govern whether investors may continue to invest in subsequent rounds of funding in proportion with their ownership…

What founders need to know about pro rata rights

We’re always curious to see how rounds come together when there is limited capacity for both new investors and existing investor pro-rata.

The other micro VC allocation model