Tune In At 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern For Our TC Gadgets CES Recap (Plus Prizes!) #CESCrunch

After the onslaught of media that is CES, who wouldn't want <i>more</i> CES? We definitely do, which is why we're running the TC Gadgets Webcast <i>live</i> at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern straight out of

The Google/Slide Quiet Launches Continue With Prizes — Social Contests For Money

<img class="alignright size-medium wp-image-320346" title="aa" src="" alt="" />The Slide group within Google has been busy. Disco, the gro

Lensbaby turns 6 and you get the presents

<img src="" />Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Lensbaby! Happy birthday to you!

The CrunchGear Remix Contest

<img src="" />Here's your chance to win a Maschine from NI and other great prizes (see below). Download the tracks of the song This

T.C. Electronics Global Konnekt goes online

<img src="" />You can win great prizes if you dare to participate in TC Electronics Global Konnekt project. Get inspired by Robbie Bron

5 Days of Cleaning Out My Office-Mas Contest: Day 2

Day 1 of our contest is over and FlyGirl (a real pilot, apparently), yachris, and Harishio won the headsets. Good on ’em. But that doesn’t mean you should cry and or whine that the fix is

Contest: We're Giving Away A Dash GPS. Just Come Up With An App To Make It Better

<img src="" alt="Dash GPS" /> Do you want a <a href="">Dash GPS</a>? We

Google Lunar X Prize: Send your shoeboxes to the mooooooon

Google is sponsoring a $20 million prize to the first group that can drop a robotic spacecraft on the moon. Once its there it has to send video and data back to Earth and move 1500 feet. They expect t

10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Countdown

Just because 10 Days of CrunchGear is over doesn’t mean we don’t want you to win something great. Your goal is create a cake wishing CG a happy first birthday. I don’t care if it&#82

10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Prizes Until the Final Countdown

OK. Just got a chance to go through all the entries and here are the winners of the final prizes. Special thanks to ALL of the sponsors and extra special love and kisses to Blast Media for sponsoring

10 Days of CrunchGear Givaway: Winners So Far

The contest marches on and we only have a few days left before the HUGENORMOUS GIVEAWAY on Monday. Remember — NY CG fans can visit us at Red Sky on Monday and share piece of cake and a beer or t

Help Proporta Out, Win Free Stuff

One of the better accessory/case-makers, Proporta, needs some help picking a design for it’s Alu-Leather cases. There’s pouch-style where a device slides in and is held entirely or side gr

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 03

The wait for CES is yawn inducing, but it looms at least. That means no more slow news days; no more staring blankly at my monitor, possibly drooling, waiting for something interesting to happen. It a

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 02

I was supposed to post these last night, but I got wrapped up watching LSU annihilate Notre Dame. Sorry bout that. Anyway, I managed to find two winners for yesterday’s Reader Response at some p

Reader Response: Countdown to CES Day 01

Happy Jan. 2! You know, I only recently got used to writing 2006—and now it’s 2007. I wonder if I’ll adapt to writing the correct date sometime this side of July. At least on CrunchG

Reader Response: Festivus Week Concludes

It’s over! Seven days of tenacious commenting; seven days of you readers scrambling for a chance to win a Nikon D40 camera kit. We’ve already given away a bunch of SanDisk Cruzer flash dri

Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 4

The sky is falling! Or at least is seems like it. There is some apocalyptic raining goin’ on down here in NOLA. Katrina Deux perhaps. Flooding everywhere. I saw kids paddling canoes down the str

Reader Response: Festivus Week – Day 3

Ah Wednesday, Reader Response Festivus Week moves on bringing us one day closer to Friday; one day closer to that Nikon D40. It also means that today is the first day we’re giving away a SanDisk

Reader Response: Festivus Week

As I mentioned previously, Reader Response for the coming week is going to be big. Rather than awarding one grand prize on Friday, we’ll be awarding prizes every day next week. And boy are they