Steve Wozniak and Alex Fielding’s startup Privateer aims to be the Google Maps of space

A number of startups have emerged aimed at cleaning up low Earth orbit, which is currently crowded with millions of pieces of space junk — including anything from broken satellites, to rocket fr

The End Of The War On Drugs And The Emergence Of The Venture-Backed Cannabis Industry

When news broke that Founders Fund, the proudly contrarian venture firm helmed by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, was going to invest a major $75 million in Privateer Holdings, a company focused on pro

Privateer’s Brendan Kennedy And Founders Fund’s Geoff Lewis To Light Up The Stage At Disrupt NY

It's becoming increasingly clear that the cannabis industry will soon become a huge market opportunity for startup entrepreneurs who have the brains and the gumption to navigate a still-murky legal an

Privateer Holdings Closes $75 Million In Funding To Create The P&G Of Pot

It’s high time the cannabis industry got some attention from investors. So it’s a good thing that Privateer Holdings, a company focusing on producing, distributing, and educating consumers about l

New Funding For Privateer Highlights Marijuana’s Massive Market In The U.S.

The nondescript four-story former tenement at 149 Bowery, with its ground floor "Organic Spa and Shop" sandwiched between lighting fixture outlet stores, is an unlikely staging ground for the next pus