Toyota to recall 1 million Prius hybrid models over fire risk

Automobile giant Toyota said it is recalling over a million Prius hybrid vehicles globally, including 192,000 cars in the US. The company said in a statement Wednesday that the recall is due to a fire

Report: The Entire Prius Line To Be Plug-In Hybrids Starting With The 2014 Model Year

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AutoTech Video: A Week In A Prototype Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid The Chevy Volt and the Nissan Leaf are enjoying lots of free publicity right now. Each of their unique app

Toyota plug-ins to arrive in limited fashion within a year

<img src="" />Want a plug-in car, but the Leaf and Volt aren't doing it for you? Well, Toyota will be entering

Toyota to showcase two new electric/hybrid cars this month

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The Toyota Prius and Daihatsu Mira top Japan's official hit list of "green" cars

<img src="" /> Japan's <a href="">Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and To

New Toyota Prius has rooftop solar panels, is 10% more fuel-efficient

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Purchase your 2010 Honda Insight tomorrow

<img src="">The latest Honda Insight goes on sale tomorrow. We <a href="

Solar-powered Toyotas in the works

<img src="" /> Although it's pretty certain that every major car manufacturer has "plans" to develop a solar-powered vehicle, Toyota

Honda attacks Toyota in North America, wants to sell 100,000 low-priced hybrid cars

Spy shot of Honda’s new hybrid car (unconfirmed) Honda yesterday announced they hope to sell 100,000 units in North America of a new hybrid car slated for release on April 22, 2009 (Earth Day).

Hybrid Vehicles: It’s quiet out there, a little too quiet

We’ve all heard the whispers and murmurs regarding adding artificial noise to hybrid cars so that pedestrians don’t get hit and it appears that we’re heading in that direction for real. Lotus is

Toyota to sell solar panel-equipped Prius next year

The Nikkei, Japan’s biggest business newspaper, reports today [JP] Toyota will use solar panels in its next-generation Prius hybrid cars to be sold starting 2009. The company’s Japanese we