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  • Taming Email Overload With SaneBox

    Taming Email Overload With SaneBox

    Calling email overload “a crisis in communication”, TechCrunch Founder Michael Arrington issued a challenge back in 2008: “Someone needs to create a new technology that allows us to enjoy our life but not miss important messages.” The entrepreneurs at SaneBox read this and other articles by Fred Wilson and Bijan Sabet, and set out to build a better inbox. After a month… Read More

  • Gmail: Priority Inbox Is Working; Users Spending 15 Percent Less Time Reading Email

    Back in August, when Google launched Priority Inbox for Gmail, we praised it. And rightfully so. It took many of our nightmare inboxes and turned them into dreams. Well, okay, let’s not get crazy. But it did make them more manageable. And now Google has so stats to share to prove it. When looking at the median numbers, Google has found that Gmail Priority Inbox users spend 43 percent… Read More

  • Want To Use Gmail Priority Inbox With IMAP? Tough Luck

    Curious what Google’s Gmail Priority Inbox means for those of us who use an IMAP or POP client like Mac Mail or the Mail function on an iPhone? Well as of yet the feature is not fully enabled on either IMAP or POP-compatible third party or mobile clients, leaving a large percentage of people who hate viewing email their email on a standard web browser out in the cold. If you try to use… Read More