• Canon Printers Scan Print Jobs For "Sensitive Material"

    Canon’s Uniflow technology will read print jobs sent to it and flag documents containing words deemed unsafe or insecure by admins. Here’s how it works: The server will email the administrator a PDF copy of the document in question if a user attempts to do so. The system can optionally inform the user by email that their attempt has been blocked, but without identifying the keyword… Read More

  • Back To School: Printers

    Your goal in school is to use your own printer as little as possible. Most schools have their own black and white printers on call 24/7 but sometimes you may need to print out a few snapshots for friends or a nice color cover for your last-minute essay on fish farming in ancient Mesopotamia as it relates to Shakespeare’s plays. My goal with creating this guide is to offer you a few… Read More

  • Review: HP Photosmart D110a, the printer with an email address

    Despite numerous advancements in printer technology, the fundamental failing of almost every consumer printer on the market today is the necessity to install printer drivers. Usually these drivers are accompanied by all manner of essentially junk software that “helpfully” pop up reminders when your printer is out of ink, or out of paper, or whatever. Hewlett Packard is making… Read More

  • Toshiba's Wipe Technology Scrambles Self-Encrypting Disk Drives When The Power Is Cut

    A step forward in data security: Toshiba today announced what it claims to be the world’s first technology that makes it possible to automatically wipe sensitive data from self-encrypting drives when a system is powered down or the HDD is removed from the system. Dubbed Wipe, the solution automatically invalidates the security key that was used to encrypt the stored user data. Read More

  • Gadgets of days gone by: HP DeskJet 500

    This week at CrunchGear, we’re looking back at some of our favorite gadgets from the not-so-distant past — old phones, computers, media players, toys… those devices that still stand out in our memories despite their obsolescence. Feel free to contribute some of your own nostalgia. The Hewlett Packard DeskJet 500 was the first printer I bought with my own money. I spent a lot… Read More

  • Zink 2.0 inkless printers beginning to trickle out

    Zink stands for “zero ink.” It’s the name of a company that has created a new way of printing that uses, yes, zero ink. It’s all in the paper, hoss. Read More

  • Worlds Collide: iMo digital photo frame features built-in printer

    If you thought that the whole point of the common digital photo frame was to make old-school photos a thing of the past, it looks like you were wrong. I was wrong too, so let’s take comfort together in our wrongness. If the folks at iMo have their way, we’ll look at a digital photo on their digital frame and say to ourselves “I want that photo on some sort of card stock… Read More

  • Video hands-on with the Dell 5130cdn, the world's fastest color laser printer

    Yup, that gigantic Dell box contained a huge color laser printer. But to my pleasant surprise, the 100 lbs 5130cdn isn’t nearly as boring and mundane as I thought it was going to be. I really don’t know if it’s the fastest printer in the world like Dell claims, but I do know that this printer could be a serious weapon in the hands of a comic book pirate. (I would like to… Read More

  • Cage Match! HP versus Kodak

    Kodak: We’re the cheapest cost-per-page photo printers on the market! Look, here’s a whole bunch of independent research proving it! Nya-nya! Hewlett-Packard: NUH-UH! You’re a big fat liar, Kodak! We’re the cheapest cost-per-page. Kodak: Pfffft! Hewlett-Packard: Stop it! I’m telling! Hey CrunchGear! Kodak is being mean!! CrunchGear: What? Huh? Don’t make… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell portable photo printer for $29

    Sorry for the double CrunchDeals right in a row, but you might want to move quickly on this deal because it probably won’t last too long. Dell is selling its tiny Wasabi photo printer for just $29, down from $149. Read More

  • Oh yeah, Canon also released printers

    Canon has also released some PIXMA all-in-ones and SELPHY compact photo printers. Real winner is the ES40, a $149 printer that looks like a child’s radio. The best part? It talks to you! Canon SELPHY ES40 Compact Photo Printer
    The Canon SELPHY ES40 Compact Photo Printer is the latest addition to the SELPHY line which has become synonymous for producing high-quality photos, being portable… Read More

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