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ICO services: Lots of barnacles but no whales

Nearly every aspect of the current ICO market is pay-for-play or otherwise tainted. I do not paint the industry with such a broad brush lightly but this sort of chicanery hasn’t existed since th

Peekster App, A ‘Shazam For Print Media’, Adds Promoted Articles Revenue Stream

Peekster, another recent graduate from the Wayra U.K. startup bootcamp, wants to help smartphone users connect their offline reading habits with their online social networks. Yes, this startup is bank

Playboy is getting out of the DVD business, going all-online

Facing rising ink and paper costs and a declining demand for physical discs, the world’s most recognizable skin rag — I mean, adult entertainment periodical — is getting out of the D

How do video game magazines survive in the online era? Can they?

Print media, so says conventional wisdom, is dying a slow death, kicking and screaming all the way to the pearly gates. (Sounds like the RIAA to me…) What better way to analyze this than through