• Students Tackle Road Trips, Online Distraction, And More At HackPrinceton

    Students Tackle Road Trips, Online Distraction, And More At HackPrinceton

    It feels like college Hackathon season is in full swing, and that’s why I’ve been making it a point to drive around the Northeast and check out what all these undergrad hackers are capable of cobbling together in just 24 hours. Last Saturday I pulled over at Princeton University just in time to see 30-some sleep-deprived teams demo their projects at HackPrinceton — here’s… Read More

  • Toyjector: Cute mini projector to be released in Japan

    Tokyo-based Princeton has announced a super-cute projector today, the so-called Toyjector [JP]. The device is sized at just 50x50x50mm, weighs 120g, comes in an extra-kawaii box and is available in either red or white. Read More

  • Paper Speaker: Japanese company sells DIY cardboard speakers

    It seems Japanese papercraft art isn’t limited to Origami or Pellermodels but also has something in store for us gadget fans. Case in point: The Paper Speaker [JP], announced yesterday by Tokyo-based Princeton for use with your PC (or any device sporting a USB port). Read More

  • Princeton Japan intros a massive 5TB NAS

    Princeton Japan has a NAS for you torrent freaks. The DN-503AH-PDC (wow) ships with 5TB storage capacity that support RAID 0/1/5/6 configurations. All the standard NAS features are present, including 10/1000 Ethernet and hot-swappable HDDs. The NAS has a December┬áJapanese┬álaunch slated but hopefully U.S. downloaders will get a chance to fill it as well. Read More