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Go Ahead, Play Prince Of Persia In This Tweet

If you want to relive your classic MS-DOS gaming experiences, you need venture no further than Twitter. The Internet Archive's website-embeddable games also now work directly in tweets, when you're vi

Here, Waste The Evening: Prince Of Persia Source Code Posted To Github

It's not every day that you see code like this: <div style="margin-left:30px;margin-right:30px;padding-left:15px;border-left:3px solid #ccc;font-style:italic;">*------------------------------- * S

Prince of Persia didn't do too well at the box office (and critics didn't like it either)

<img src="" />After <a HREF="">all that controversy</a>,

New Prince of Persia trailer looks awesome

<img src="" /> In November last year, we've shown you not <a href="

Video: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: John Morrison jumps around, fights a sand monster

<img src="" />Ubisoft hasn't given up on the <i>Prince of Persia</i> series just yet (despite the fact that <a HREF="http://www.crunchge

International Prince of Persia trailer with new scenes

<img src="" /> We showed you the American trailer for the upcoming <a href="">Prin

Watch the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time trailer here

<img src="">I'm surprised. The <a href="

Rumors on the Internet: The Prince of Persia movie will be in 3D, but rubbish 3D (Update: Wait, no it won't.)

<img src="" />Words cannot describe the anticipation all of CrunchGear feels for the upcoming <i>Prince of Persia</i> movie, starring J

Toy Story, Cars, and Prince of Persia LEGO Minifigs are coming soon

If we feature something LEGO here on CrunchGear, you can be sure that it’s worth your time and these Toy Story LEGO Minifigs are the coolest thing I have seen all day. Apparently Disney and LEGO

This is what the Prince of Persia movie poster looks like! Come, look at it!

<img src="" />So, opinions on this <i>Prince of Persia</i> movie poster? Apparently that's Jake Gyllenhaal, but I don't know him from A

CrunchDeals: Prince of Persia for $19.97

<img src="" alt="" />Bless your heart, Jeff Bezos. Your little Seattle-based company has made loving all things gadgety somew

Now you can play that new Prince of Persia on your Mac (plus unrelated censorship anecdote)

<img src="" />Is it still called “PC gaming” when it's done on a Mac? I'd ask Ubisoft, which <a HREF="

Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the Lego Prince of Persia pitch meeting

<img src="" />Exec: Okay, team. Times are tough and my wife has put on 20 pounds since Christmas. We need a surefire hit to cushion our

Prince of Persia video shoot: Come back with me/to 1985 of Persia Animation Reference 1985 fr

Video: Want to know what the new Prince of Persia looks like?

[dailymotion id=k3CBbzoYNq5eZKJNXn] Of course you do! I also saw this game the other week and it’s pretty cool how you and the hottie tag-team to battle enemies. Oh, and you never die because sa

E3 2008: Ubisoft gives us the business

Ubisoft has got a hell of a lineup coming. And for once I am convinced of the necessity of having a headset to get the best out of a game — and believe me, with EndWar it’s a good thing. I

Video: Prince of Persia trailer is fantastic Ubisoft released this trailer for its upcoming Prince of Persia title and while it’s not in-game footage, it still looks amazing. Unfortunat

Jake Gyllenhaal to play the Prince of Persia

We knew there was a movie based on the Prince of Persia game, but we didn’t know they’d pick someone so douche-y to play Dastan. At least they picked a relatively not unattractive actress

New Prince of Persia: named and screenshot'ed

The eagerly awaited next installation in the Prince of Persia franchise has been given a name. Prince of Persia: Heir Apparent got a spread in Game Informer and this enterprising fellow has scanned th

New Prince of Persia coming in time for Eid ul-Fitr

PoP: Something to Do with War or Swords or Sand will be available this holiday season for all of those willing to wait for more red hot Persian on Persian action. Obviously I’m a big crank and h
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