Beyond Pride: The fight against tech’s brogrammer culture

Companies that jump on the rainbow bandwagon without fully living those values aren’t only hypocritical — they’re also doing themselves a disservice.

Lyft is adding gender-neutral pronouns to its app

Ahead of LGBTQ Pride Month, Lyft is adding gender-neutral pronouns to its rider app. Now, riders can select from the following: They/them/theirs She/her/hers He/him/his My pronoun isn’t listed P

Silicon Valley comes out in full force behind SF Pride

This weekend was the annual San Francisco Pride Parade. The event drew over a million spectators and participation from many of the tech world’s most recognizable companies. Over 30 tech compan

Nootrobox wants to boost your brain power with vitamin D

Who needs the sun? Many Silicon Valley startups pride themselves on long, grueling work hours, toiling from the crack of dawn until late into the night. But that work pride has a toll — they l

Tech Shows Gay PRIDE

Mark Zuckerberg ‘Likes’ SF LGBT Pride As Tech Companies Publicly Celebrate Equal Rights

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook employees celebrated the San Francisco LGBT pride parade from a decorated trolley today, as tech companies across the country very visibly supported equal rights. Accordin

YouTube Celebrates Pride With #ProudToLove Spotlight Channel

As Pride month comes to a close, YouTube is following in the footsteps of parent company Google in showcasing a collection of LGBT-themed videos on the YouTube spotlight channel to celebrate a histori

DoubleDutch Debuts Pride, A Mobile-Only Yammer Competitor

Following its <a href="">$2 million Series A this spring</a>, enterprise-focuse