Uber switches out surge for price transparency

No more pop-ups asking you to agree to those murky “2.1x” (or some other “x” amount) surge fares on the Uber app. Soon Uber will just tell you the price of your ride up front.

Uber denies plans to kill surge pricing in the U.S.

Despite the headlines today, Uber says it does not have plans to nix surge pricing in the U.S. It did away with surge in Delhi, India, but has now reinstated the feature there as well. An earlier repo

Snapchat Now Lets Everyone Pay To Design Geofilters

Snapchat is introducing yet another revenue stream today in the form of on-demand geo-filters. As it stands now, Snapchat already has two types of geofilters. Community Geofilters can not include logo

Uber Lowers Fares In Over 100 Cities

The Weirdness Of The Huawei Watch

As a watch obsessive you can't help but look at the new Huawei Watch and chortle knowingly. Announced a few months ago at MWC, the product lay dormant until now and our poor brothers at Engadget, forc

Feedvisor Raises $6M Series A For Its Repricing Platform

Tel Aviv-based Feedvisor, an algorithmic pricing and business intelligence platform for online retailers, today announced that it has raised a $6 million Series A round led by Australia’s Square

Paid Apps On The Decline: 90% Of iOS Apps Are Free, Up From 80-84% During 2010-2012, Says Flurry

The trend toward more mobile applications going free continues, app analytics provider Flurry confirms this morning in <a target="_blank" href="

Google Glass Targeting End Of 2013 Consumer Release, With Price Tag Under $1,500

Google seems to be looking to bring its ambitious Google Glass wearable computer to market much faster than many likely anticipated, according to the Verge. Google told the site that it hopes to have

The iPad Mini Is Not Overpriced, And Sales Numbers Will Prove It

Price was perhaps always the most anticipated feature of the iPad mini, and now it's proving the most controversial. My Twitter stream has been filled with arguments back and forth on the iPad mini's

iPad Mini Pricing Framed In Light Of Apple’s Dedication To Margins

Rumors around the iPad mini are understandably reaching a fever pitch now that an announcement seems likely for Oct. 23, and a new one over the weekend claims to have a breakdown of iPad mini unit pri Now Has 20,000 Users, Drops Its Price From $50 To $36 Per Year, Introduces A $5 Per Month Plan

<a target="_blank" href=""></a> just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> some price changes to its Twitter-li

Google Maps API Gets Massive Price Cut In The Wake Of Developer Defections

Ever since Google <a target="_blank" href="">introduced</a> limits to how often developers could ping its popul

Amazon fighting with publishers over pricing

<img src="" />Apparently all is not well in e-book land. In an unusual move, publisher Macmillan took out an ad in the Publishe

It's Wii-Day! The Wii is $199

Amazon, a company that sells things, is now selling the Wii for $199 and this price should appear across the board.

Windows 7 pricing released, with limited time discounts

<img src="" alt="windows-7-green" title="windows-7-green" />Microsoft has announced the pricing for Windows 7, due to be release

TrueCar shifts into gear

<img src="" width="215" height="80" /><a href="">TrueCar</a>, an information service <a href="http://

iPhone not selling well in Japan, now available for free

<img src="" /> There are no official statistics available as how well the iPhone sells after Apple <a href="http://www.cru

AT&T iPhone 3G pricing released

AT&T retail stores will be open at 8AM local time on July 11th, so be “iReady!” Existing customers who don’t qualify for an upgrade will have to shell out $399 and $499 for the c

Orange to screw French, tastefully, with FranciPhone is reporting that the iPhone in France will cost 149 euro for the 8GB and 199 euro for the 16GB. While this is total and absolute bullshit – this $1-to-1 euro scam CE manufacturers

Universal Will Still Supply Apple With Music

The other day, people started getting freaky because Universal Music Group stated it was not renewing its iTunes contract with Apple. Everyone, myself included, took it as a sign that UMG would be pul
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