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Fun rumor says $100 price cut for PS3 coming this August (in time for Madden)

<img src="" />Still fretting over the price of the PS3? Well, if one analyst proves accurate, then Sony will cut the price of the PS3 by $

Post-price cut, Xbox 360 sales increase really very much a lot

Well! It looks like that price cut for the Xbox 360 is doing wonders for sales. Compared to the last pre-price cut weekend, Microsoft says sales of the Xbox 360 at some retailers rose 100 percent. Tha

Proper Xbox 360 price cut in September: $199 Arcade SKU

Expect a true, proper Xbox 360 price cut next month. (The current, “while supplies last” price cut on the old premium model doesn’t really qualify as a price cut, IMO.) This scan places the

Sony follows Microsoft with price cuts

Sony announced this week that they are slashing $100 off the price tag for the PS3. This fall, the 80-gigabyte version will be marked down from $500. The 40-gigabyte version, which sold for $400 will

CrunchArcade: Speculation suggests Sony may be losing $260 per PS3: No price cut for you then

Flickr’d The Guardian speculates that Sony could be losing as much as $260 per PS3 sold, significantly higher than the $130 per PS3 to which Sony recently admitted. Care? Maybe you should. If So

CrunchArcade: No Wii, DS price cut, says Nintendo

Those of you without a Wii or DS, don’t expect a price cut on either any time soon. Nintendo, which doubled its operating profit this past fiscal year, says it has no plans to lower the price of

Apple slashes price on 1GB iPod Shuffle, introduces 2GB model

We’re still waiting for the price cut on the iPhone and iPod Touch, but Apple cut the price of the Shuffle from $79 to $49 for the 1GB model. A 2GB model will be available later this month for $

$400 PS3 ships next month

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about a 40GB PS3 for $400 a few times, but now Sony is getting all official on us. Come November 2nd, you’ll be able to buy a Playstation 3 for the low price o

Apple Cinema Displays Take a Price Cut

With the announcement of the expensive 8-core Mac Pro, Apple must have figured it needed a little spin to keep customers’ minds off of the high price. Now the Apple Cinema Displays have been giv