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Google formally rebuts EU antitrust charges against Shopping, AdSense

Google has now formally responded to two antitrust charges brought against it by Europe's Competition Commission, rebutting charges of exploiting the popularity of its search engine to boost its price

RideGuru includes driver payouts in its price comparison service for ride hailing apps

When you hail a cab via an on-demand app there's more to consider than how much it's going to cost you. How much the driver is getting paid is something you might want to think about, given how conten

Basket’s New App Helps You Find The Best Prices On Groceries

A number of apps today let you check prices and comparison shop for things like clothing, electronics, toys, housewares, and more, but what about your everyday purchases, like groceries? Does your loc

10 Slides Debunking Google’s Antitrust Defense Of Its Shopping Comparison Service

U.K. search comparison service Foundem, one of the long time complainants in the E.U.'s antitrust investigation into Google Shopping, has published a rebuttal of Google's claims that rival comparison’s New App Called PriceJump Finds You The Lowest Price, Online, On Amazon Or In-Store

Amazon has a reputation for having low prices, but that’s not always the case. recently revealed via its price comparison tool that, half the time, Amazon had higher prices than it

Buyhandpicked Applies Mechanical Turk Model To Personal Shopping is a startup taking a Mechanical Turk approach to cracking personal shopping online by building a platform where online shoppers can submit detailed shopping requests, and -- at the

Asian Price Comparison Site Save 22 Gets Angel Round Of “Mid Six Figures”

Singaporean price comparison startup Save 22 just got an investment of “mid six figures” in Singapore dollars, according to co-founder, Guyi Shen. S$500,000 translates to about US$400,000,

London Cab Comparison Startup Kabbee Raises $3.25M, Ahead Of Series A Next Year

London-based cab price comparison and booking startup Kabbee has raised $3.25 million in an intermediate funding round, led by Samos Investments, with "significant contributions" from Pentland Group a

Kayak For Textbooks: How BIGWORDS Raised $80M, Went Bankrupt, Then Got Profitable Again

In 1998, seeing an underserved niche in the textbook market, Jeff Sherwood and his three co-founders launched BIGWORDS. By the beginning of 2000, they had grown from a team of four to a team of 250, h Brings Its Price Comparisons To iPad; Reveals Plans To Expand To Household Goods & Cars

Smart shopping service <a href=""></a>, which started off with a focus on consumer electronics before <a href="

Why is Apple charging $1,300 more for the solid state-based MacBook Air?

[photopress:mbaexpen.jpg,full,center] Is a 64GB solid state (flash) drive and 200 megahertz worth $1,300? Apple must think it is, given the pricing for the MacBook Air. The Apple Store is going up and