• Pretec intos the world's first SDXC card

    SDXC got a 2009 CES unveiling and we are finally seeing the first batch thanks to Pretec. The companies first offering will come sporting 32GB capacity and a mighty respectable transfer speed of 50MB/s. While the card sounds great and even if it was available, there isn’t a device on the market that’s compatible yet. Sorry to get your hopes up. Read More

  • Pretec 8GB SDHC

    It looks like 8GB SD cards will be hitting the market soon. Pretec claims it has developed the first of these cards. The card supports SD 2.0 and is not backward compatible. Users can currently order one card for sampling purposes. The company has also created a 16GB flash drive which is claims is the biggest of its kind, but that is clearly false since drives exist well beyond 16GB. At any… Read More