• Pressflip Founder Quits: "I'm Tired Of The Fight"

    One thing investors don’t really like to see is founders abandoning the startups they funded. But that is exactly what Ted Dziuba is doing with his startup PressFlip. In a blog post Dziuba wrote that he was leaving the company “mostly because I’m going to be a father in March and need some stability, but also because I’m tired of the fight.” Read More

  • Pressflip Is A Belly Flop

    Pressflip is a new blog search engine (it’s actually a relaunch of a site called Persai, which launched earlier this year). The idea is you do a search, train the engine by telling it which results aren’t interesting to you, and then wait for new results to come in over time. The search results aren’t very deep compared to established blog search engines, there’s no… Read More