Bill Clinton misses out on Tesla ride

<img src="">Apparently Bill Clinton was mere moments away from <strike>picking up chicks</strike> experiencing the finest in green trans

The CrunchGear Presidential Primaries: We endorse SkyNet

Your votes are in and it seems that SkyNet is the winner in the CrunchGear Presidential Primaries. Sadly, as we see in this video, SkyNet might not make it to the White House but I’m glad that C

Google Trends helps popularize obscure presidential candidate: Jimmy Tide

[photopress:googletrendstide.jpg,full,left] The New Hampshire primary was yesterday, but you won’t find either winner (John McCain and Hillary Clinton) in the top 10 of Google Trends. You will,

'Camera Day' is only two short months away

Looking to buy a new camera? Keep your wallet separated from your ass cheek by a thin layer of whatever material your pants are made out of until President’s Day, says a guy who wrote two photog

Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office

Our current president is an unpopular president, there is little debating there. Because of this situation, some geniuses have put together these little digital keychains that countdown the days until