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  • Why I’m giving my company Election Day off Crunch Network

    Why I’m giving my company Election Day off

    This year’s U.S. presidential election is confusing for everyone. The popularity contest that has become the election is diluting our time, attention and ability to think critically. Which is ironic, given that we are more connected to information than we have ever been before, and the computation necessary to model problems has never been cheaper. Read More

  • Tech and the presidential race Crunch Network

    Tech and the presidential race

    For presidential nominee Donald Trump, the importance of articulating a vision for the tech industry seems to be lost. While nominee Hillary Clinton released a comprehensive technology policy platform that should excite software developers, Mr. Trump doesn’t pay much attention to our industry’s concerns and is, frankly, on the wrong side of many of the most important issues facing… Read More

  • Peter Thiel to back Trump as GOP presidential candidate

    Peter Thiel to back Trump as GOP presidential candidate

    Billionaire tech investor Peter Thiel has agreed to back Trump as a California delegate in Cleveland this summer. Thiel’s level of support for the Donald is unclear, but Thiel will be one of 172 selected Golden State delegates headed to the Republican National Convention, and a source tells us he has committed to back Trump as the GOP’s presidential nominee while there. Read More

  • Want to know who to vote for? IBM’s Watson Elections will make an emotional decision for you

    Sad, mad, glad, confused about the presidential race so far? Well, if you are really lost on who to vote for, IBM may have a solution depending on your mood. Watson Elections, one of the surprisingly few political applications for IBM’s supercomputer, debuted on stage this morning at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Hackathon in Brooklyn, New York to help us decided the best candidate fitting… Read More

  • What if Facebook forgot Donald Trump?

    What if Facebook forgot Donald Trump?

    This year, more money will be spent on political ads – $11.4 billion – than ever before. According to Borrell Associates around $1 billion of that will be spent on digital media, and half of that on social media. Compare that digital media spend to the $22.25 million spent in 2008, and you’ll see a 5,000 percent increase. But forget ad spend for a second. Think about where… Read More

  • The Mobile Electorate Crunch Network

    The Mobile Electorate

    In 2008, Barack Obama redrafted the electioneering script, becoming the first presidential candidate to use social media as a political channel. His opponents’ failure to grasp the significance of social media proved as catastrophic as Richard Nixon’s dismissive attitude to television in 1960 — an attitude that probably cost him the 1960 election to the more telegenic John F. Read More

  • Impact, Investment And Demand: Three Pillars For Civic Tech Success Crunch Network

    Impact, Investment And Demand: Three Pillars For Civic Tech Success

    Last year was one of great momentum for civic tech. We saw more people and resources than ever enter the space, garnering interest from startups, corporations, government agencies and investment firms. Kicking off 2016, civic tech is a fast-growing field with tangible potential to improve the relationship between citizens and government. Read More

  • Donor Data Is The New Currency Of Presidential Candidates Crunch Network

    Donor Data Is The New Currency Of Presidential Candidates

    As we head into the presidential primaries, there is no question big data and analytics will play a major role in targeting voters, driving contributions and ultimately determining who will be the next president. As we have transformed into a data-driven society and economy, this is to be expected. Read More

  • Josh Ginsberg | Innovation 2016
    Crunch Network

    INNOVATE2016: Understanding The Zignal To Noise Ratio In The Presidential Race

    Welcome to INNOVATE2016, a weekly interview series focusing on how new technology and innovation is influencing the upcoming Presidential election. According to our first guest the 2016 election is likely to be determined by social media and new digital technologies. Read More

  • Bing Launches Its Election Site, Lets You Filter News By Political Perspective

    Bing Launches Its Election Site, Lets You Filter News By Political Perspective

    Better late than never. With less than two weeks to go before the U.S. presidential election on November 6, Microsoft’s Bing just unveiled Bing Elections. The site features news results from major U.S. publications that can be filtered by political preference (right, left, center), as well as an interactive map with election results and sentiment analysis across key issues based on data… Read More

  • Keen On... William Powers: Using Twitter To Analyze The Election

    Keen On… Crowdwire: What Twitter Teaches Us About Obama And Romney [TCTV]

    As the author of the New York Times’ bestselling Hamlet’s Blackberry, William Powers taught us how to build a good life in the digital age. And now Powers himself is doing just that. At Crowdwire, a Bluefin Labs funded project, Powers is using the tens of millions of Twitter and public Facebook comments to analyze the Presidential election. And as he told me over Skype, Crowdwire… Read More