• Bizzabo Secures $1.5 Million To Ramp Up Its Social Conference App

    Bizzabo Secures $1.5 Million To Ramp Up Its Social Conference App

    Bizzabo, which provides a free self-service platform for event/conference organisers and a free app for attendees on iPhone and Android, has secured $1.5 million in funding to open a U.S. presence, hire and expand. Investors include Israeli figures such as Kaedan Capital Group; Gigi Levy; Prof. Yair Tauman; the AfterDox angels group and additional American and European angel investors. Read More

  • Mobaganda: A Dead-Simple Invite Site Built On Google's App Engine

    If you like your invite apps dead-simple, check out Mobaganda. You don’t even have to log in. Just click on start, add the name, date & time, and location, and create an event. The site, which is built on the Google App Engine, generates a Webpage that you can e-mail out to all of your friends. Once the recipients go to the URL they can RSVP, and you can keep track via RSS or… Read More

  • Presdo, The Magical Online Scheduler

    I want you to stop what you are doing right now and go try Presdo. It is a deceptively simple online scheduling assistant that is a prime example of what a modern Web app should be. It only shows you what you need to see at the moment that you need to see it. And it understands what you want to do based on normal (and not-so-normal) English that you type in. “We actually threw a… Read More