UNU set to forecast tech trends after accurate Oscars, Kentucky Derby predictions

Can AI outpace the expertise of vaunted futurists like Mary Meeker or Ray Kurzweil? The artificial intelligence system called UNU is slated to answer questions tomorrow about technology and its long-t

Scorecard: 2015 Digital Media Predictions

Last year on TechCrunch I made eight predictions about digital media. This post compares those predictions to the reality that is digital media in 2015.

John Doerr On Zynga Investment: “We Own 60M Shares, So I Want That Stock Back Above $10 … Where God Intended It”

Investors tend not to be cool, sexy or "famous" in the traditional sense. After all, anyone can invest in one great company, but reproducing those victories habitually over decades is nearly impossibl Raises $8M Series C For Its Price Predictions Engine; Will Expand To More Categories, Improve Data Mining & Mobile Apps

Shopping and comparison engineĀ <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, which offers suggestions as to not just what to buy but also <em>when</em>, is announcing today that it

The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

Rather than looking back (which I'm sure we will), I thought it would be nice to look forward to 2012 and beyond and note some of the gadgets that will change the world in the next few years. I've inc

Vegas-bound! What to expect from CES

<img src="">All of us at CrunchGear are prepping for the pain-fest we all know as the <a HREF="">Con

Analysts think you're going to want to buy a connected GPS in 5 years

<img src="" />Analyst firm, Berg Insight, thinks that eighty-eight percent of all GPS units shipped in 2015 will have cellular

What's next for some of the biggest gadgets of 2009?

<img src="" />It's time to put on the Swami hat and predict just what we have in store for 2010 and beyond. Consideri

I want my flying car – kitchens of the future

<img src="" alt="kitchen" title="kitchen" width="431" height="357" class="center" /> Remember when they said we'd all have flying cars

After the 3G iPhone, what's next from Apple?

No more 3G iPhone rumors for The Wall Street Journal, please. The Murdoch-owned Big Paper is already looking beyond the phone’s suspected June 9 launch to what Apple may release in the next five

Cellular's brave "meh" world: CTIA 2008 predictions

As we quick approach zero hour for CTIA this year, let’s look at what we can expect from the big boys in the months to come. This week’s trade show, CTIA Wireless, is the “business&#

EA predicts PS3 to sell more than Xbox 360 this year

[photopress:ps3easays.jpg,full,center] The hot news from this leaked EA document (PDF!) is that the company expects the PS3 to outsell the Xbox 360 in Europe this year. That would be the fist time the

CES 2008 predictions: The end of the HD disc wars and a new era of HD audio and video

It’s mobile a TV and no, you can’t have it yet. Prognosticating always gets you into trouble, but I’ve been keeping my eyes on announcements from CES and want to make a few basic pre

AT&T Stores Getting Less Than 40 iPhones For Launch

Oh noes! Have you been mowing lawns relentlessly, saving up for that $499 iPhone that’s about to come out? Well you better get your camping gear ready if you really want one, ’cause word o

How Much Longer Can Newspapers Survive?

Fasten your seat belts, ladies and germs, for the Wall Street Journal‘s Andy Kessler is going to tell you how to fix the so-called dying newspaper industry . Wait, as a matter of fact, it’

Apple Q2 Earnings Report: The Aftermath

We don’t cover earnings reports that much simply because the news sequestered therein is usually geared more towards the folks who get paid $100K to cover earnings reports, a stalwart band to wh

Dvorak Hits Magical Crack Pipe, Says Apple Should Pull iPhone

That John C. Dvorak is up to it again. Making radical claims year after year until one of them actually hits and then he claims credit – real classy. Dvorak’s latest claim is that Apple sh

HD DVD to Fail, PS3 Bites Back, and Big TVs For Cheap: CNET Predicts

David Carnoy, fairly well-known guy who is aware of technology, dropped a list of seven predictions for 2007. He seems just about spot on about some of them — 60-inch plasma for $2,000, digital