precision polling

  • Survey Monkey Buys Precision Polling After Seeing It On TechCrunch

    These are the stories that make my job worth all the hassle and stress. Two guys create a company called Precision Polling that allows quick and easy phone polls. We write a story in January saying it’s like Survey Monkey for phones – “Precision Polling Is A Survey Monkey For The Phone.” And a few months later – today actually – Survey Monkey acquires… Read More

  • Precision Polling Is A Survey Monkey For The Phone

    Precision Polling has launched to provide an easy way to create and launch phone surveys, taking a page from the model that simple online survey sites, like SurveyMonkey, have pioneered. Precision Polling is self-service website that lets you design and run phone surveys start to finish. You simply create a questionnaire through a web interface, call the site’s hotline to record your… Read More