• CrunchDeals: $99 for a Palm Pre today only

    If you weren’t one of the lucky ones that happened to snag a Palm Pre for $99 at Best Buy the other weekend thanks to a pricing snafu, has a deal for you. The website has managed to drop the price of the Palm Pre down to only $99 through a combination of instant and mail-in rebates. Read More

  • Verizon to sell Palm Pre next year, long national nightmare is over

    Verizon confirmed in an analyst conference call that the Palm Pre, the little smartphone the could, will be available on Verizon’s network between Q1 and the end of Q2 next year. This should come as a relief to people who are waiting to ditch their Blackberry Storms for Palm’s new offering. There’s not much more info than that: they just said it would happen. This… Read More

  • Palm Pre at Best Buy for $99 – Update

    The internet is all aflutter with stories rolling in concerning the Palm Pre being sold for $99 with a two-year contract at neighborhood Best Buy locations. Although the Pre is nowhere to be found on Best Buy’s website, here’s an in-store photo from for your enjoyment. Not a bad deal at all, considering the $99 price is out the door — no rebates or anything… Read More

  • Palm Pre now available online – everyone, please don't rush

    Long after the Palm Pre hype machine has been turned off, Sprint is just now making the Pre available for purchase via There really isn’t advantage of ordering the phone online besides you don’t actually have to leave the comforts of your basement. Purchasers will still need to mail in a $100 rebate to bring the cost down to $199. But if avoiding the general public is… Read More

  • Seidio's normal-size extended Palm Pre battery adds about 20% juice

    If you find yourself wishing your Palm Pre had a tad more battery life, Seidio is now selling an extended life battery for $45. It’s the same size as the regular battery pack so it doesn’t require a special back cover for you to use it. Read More

  • Kazaa still kicking, brings HD video to the Pre?

    Seriously, we’re just as surprised as you are. Not only is Kazaa somehow still in business, they’re also trying anything they can to set themselves apart from all the other digital music retailers you’d rather use instead of them. Now the property of Brilliant Digital Entertainment, Kazaa is setting its sights on bringing HD movie downloads to the masses (well, the masses… Read More

  • Rumor: GSM Pre being announced next week?

    Oh, Palm Pre. You’ve got style. You’ve got grace. You’ve even got a PlayStation emulator! But what you don’t have, young one, is a SIM card slot that makes you friendly with the vast majority of popular carriers around the world. That won’t be a problem much longer, or so say the rumor mill. Now, we’ve known a GSM Pre has existed for months now, but Palm… Read More

  • A second opinion on Palm's Pre app numbers

    The Pre is emerging as a polarizing device, even more so than the G1 (which everyone agreed was kind of beta), probably because it’s the closest thing to a legitimate threat that the iPhone has faced. Who wouldn’t get defensive? With strong sales in its first two weeks and an entirely new OS for developers to do their thing with, it’s strong out of the gate but controlled… Read More

  • The iPod Comet and third-parties: Apple "scares" Pre owners with iTunes threats

    The iPod Comet orbits the Earth in a biannual rotation, bringing new devices and attendant accessories into our view every Spring and Fall. The constellation is followed by a set of third-party developers and manufacturers who bolster the cloud as it swings into view and then disappear as the excitement wears off, relegating the devices to CostCos and Sam’s Clubs until the next rotation. Read More

  • Palm Pre gets a NES emulator!

    Got a Pre? Like Nintendo? If you fit in the overlapping intersection of that particular Venn diagram, then have I got some good news for you. Some enterprising individuals over at the Pre Dev Wiki have gotten a NES emulator up and running on the Palm Pre. Read More

  • Oh dear: Palm's Touchstone charger uses some $5 worth of components

    $70 for a charger is asking a lot, but when Palm announced the pricing for the Touchstone, we all acquiesced because it was such a cool little device. And of course if you’re getting a Pre, you really should have the thing. But it turns out that, while the Pre itself costs nearly as much to make as you’re going to pay for it, the Touchstone charger is made of bargain-bin… Read More

  • Pre-tweets: Tweets from the Pre line trenches

    /* widget config */
    var jtw_search = ‘(pre OR sprint) OR crunchgear’; /* keywords or phrase to send to and display */ It begins. The first liner-uppers are in line at Sprint stores around the world. The Internet is abuzz with excitement. We will be updating this post during the day when we’re not drinking and if you have any info, tweet us… Read More

  • Are you dumb enough to buy a Pre from eBay?

    You’ve waited so long, and your time has almost come. If you’re anything like me, you’re refining your early morning line strategy, making calls to every Best Buy Mobile, Radio Shack, and Sprint store within a ten mile radius, and psyching yourself up to elbow a guy in the face if need be. In short: the Pre drops tomorrow, and you’re getting one no matter what the… Read More

  • The summer of smartphone love

    Can you feel the tingling in the air? If you haven’t found it already,you will. This is going to be the summer of love. I am talking, of course, about smartphone love. The serenades have already begun for the June 6 launch of the Palm Pre. Next week, Apple will reveal it’s next iPhone (you know MG is going to get one). Blackberry might come out with its second Storm by… Read More

  • Uncle Walt brings it home with his Pre review You’ll notice that our own Palm Pre review hasn’t run yet – long freaking story – but I enjoyed Uncle Walt Mossberg’s look at the Pre during which he basically confirms that there will be a new iPhone next week. He calls this the best competitor to the iPhone so far and that it also has a keyboard. Read More

  • It begins: Pogue+Pre=love

    David Pogue’s Pre review leaked early and it seems he’s a fan. He writes: The Pre, which goes on sale first in the United States on Saturday and sometime in the second half of 2009 in Europe, is an elegant, joyous, multitouch smartphone that seems intended to be ‘‘iPhone, remixed.’’ That’s no surprise, really; its primary mastermind was Jon… Read More

  • Palm Pre promises to explode into a supernova of suck

    The Internet – a barren wasteland full of haterage and pain and woe betide the company who wanders into its unblinking eye of malice. After saying that the Pre was an also ran last week, other interested parties have started to come out of the woodwork to predict a fiery demise for Palm’s savior-phone. William Hurley, for example, writes in BusinessWeek that Palm’s efforts… Read More

  • Palm Pre will be blind: no Visual Voicemail upon launch

    Well, Twitter has become the pinnacle of gossip, grapevine chatter, and frankly, just good ol’ breaking news.  Yesterday, Palm made a very subjective statement through the company’s Twitter account in response to the question about Visual Voicemail: “Palm Synergy presents integrated messaging in lots of useful ways, but not that particular way”. From the statement, it… Read More

  • Palm Pre now on – for $849 (?!?)

    Whhaaa? This must be some sort of pre-release nonsense ’cause we already know that Best Buy will sell the Palm Pre for $199 without a rebate and the off-contract price will be $549. Still, why wouldn’t the correct price be set on the Palm Pre product page from the getgo? More as we get it. [Thanks for the tip, Nate] Read More

  • Official: Palm Pre to launch on June 6 for $200

    Finally! Sprint has officially announced that the Palm Pre will be launching on June 6th for $200 after a $100 MIR and a two-year contract. You’ll be able to purchase a Pre from Sprint, Best Buy, Wal Mart, and Radio Shack. Read More