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If You Pre-Ordered Google Glass, Here’s What To Expect Once Your Number Is Called

If you were one of the people who signed up last year at Google’s I/O conference to be a part of the “Glass Explorer” program, you might be getting your instructions on how to actual

Apple’s iPad Mini, 4th Gen iPad Now Available For Pre-Order – Wi-Fi Only Versions Deliver November 2

If you're looking to get your hands on an iPad mini after the big reveal this past Tuesday, now's the time to pre-order, and shoppers can choose any version of the iPad mini or 4th generation iPad for

AT&T Is In Event Mode, Replaces Site With iPhone 5 Pre-Order Countdown

Despite my not-so-great experiences with AT&T today, the company is getting the iPhone 5 party started early and drumming up excitement, as a timer has replaced its site:

Time to make your "Move" and pre-order Sony's latest gadget

<img src="" />Good news Sony fans, turns out that it's time to start warming up that credit card and ordering your <a href="http:

Confession: I pre-ordered my iPad and Breguet made me do it

I’m a sucker. It’s true. As much you guys think we rail against Apple, we’re like abused puppies, slinking back to our master’s hard ankles, shivering and awaiting praise. Why

Sears starting to take pre-orders on 3D TVs

<img src="" />Get ready, the 3D revolution will be televised. Sears has started offering pre-order pricing on Samsung's 3D tele

Oh enough already with this pre-order video game bonus content nonsense

<img src="" />Angry Internet Man here with a chip on his shoulder and a shoot promo to cut. This pre-order "bonus" video game content bul

Ford lets people reserve a 2011 Ford Fiesta online

<img src="" />Ford revealed recently that they've had over 1,000 pre-orders placed online, using their new car-reservation site for the 2

You can pre-order the BlackBerry Storm at Best Buy for $50

Get thee to Best Buy as soon as possible if you want to pre-order a BlackBerry Storm, which, as we all know, is the first BlackBerry with a touchscreen. A crisp $50 bill and a smile is all that’

HTC Touch Dual up for pre-order on

Speaking with HTC representatives at CTIA, I was told that the HTC Touch Dual would be available through Best Buy and that it would be unlocked. Well, it looks like it’s indeed up for pre-order

Early Atom-based mobile internet device costs $1130

Silly me, I thought these mobile internet devices (MID) based around Intel’s new Atom chipset were supposed to be relatively affordable. This Gigabyte M528 with 4.8-inch screen is up for pre-ord

CrunchDeals: Pre-order Super Smash Brothers Brawl from Fry's for $45

[photopress:ssbbfrys.jpg,full,center] Flickr’d Wii fans looking forward to next month’s release of Super Smash Brothers Brawl should consider buying the game from Frys. The electronics ret

Pleo Now Available For US Pre-order

Everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur is now one step closer to invading our shores. Pleo’s manufacturer UGOBE is taking pre-orders for the dinosaur and the price isn’t cheap. Aft

Wii Pre-Orders at Toys R Us this Saturday, Prepare Your Mario Outfit

you won’t get a Wii, but that doesn’t matter. At least you’ll have tried. Various scans of the 2006 version of the annual huge holiday catalog for Toys R Us known as “The Big B

PS3 Pre-Orders Begin: It's Clobberin' Time

EB Games and GameStop just started PS3 pre-orders and we’re almost positive they’re already sold out as you read this. Each store has about 10 consoles and requires a $100 deposit, but giv

Rub Your Belly Three Times to Pre-Order The Wii

I’m goint to say this is basically a way for Lik-sang to drive some traffic, but it looks like they’re letting you pre-order the Wii. Feel free to send me your address as well – Lik-