• IHave50Dollars Is An For People With $50

    IHave50Dollars Is An For People With $50

    Do you have $50? Do you trust strangers with it? Do you like paying for evanescent access to a service you may never use? Then is the site for you. Not everyone has $50 they’re willing to push down a rat-hole in hopes of access to a social media service based on a promise by a man with a proven track record in being compellingly earnest on camera, but if you… Read More

  • Casual Friday: Shock mouse costs $6, returns priceless fun until you get bored of it

      If you thought you had to travel all the way to Chinatown to pick up a fake mouse that shocks unsuspecting computer users, think again! Thanks to the magic of “the Internet” you can buy your very own shock mouse for just $5.99 and have it delivered right to your door (for an additional $5). Much like the previously-tested fake shocking iPod, this shock mouse may or may… Read More

  • Annoy your friends by sending a fake Obama vice-president text message

    Want to annoy your friends today? Go to any of those Web sites (or your provider’s own text messaging page) that allow you to send a text message, then send a message saying Barack Obama has chosen *someone* to be his vice-president. The fun part, I guess, comes if you put someone that will particularly aggravate your friends. So, if they hate Hillary (I can’t imagine why!)… Read More

  • ‘Image Fulgurator’ ruins photos with hilarious results

    Skip ahead to about the two minute mark in the above video to see an example of what the Image Fulgurator actually does. It’s basically a device that projects your favorite messages onto various surfaces when it detects flashes from nearby cameras. No tourist would be safe from your hilarious “Down with Pants!” message splashed across all their photos from the Basilica di… Read More

  • Video: The Stunning Camera will shock you, your family, your friends

    Are you mean? Are you a mean, mean person? Do you like to see your friends and loved ones in pain? If so, watch the video above and hit the link below to see how to make your own stunning camera. If they kick your ass, it’s not my fault. The stunning camera [Pyro projects] Read More

  • HTC Magnum: Well played, Portugal. Well played.

    Remember that post about the HTC Magnum yesterday? The giant tablet phone thingy with a 30-hour battery? It’s fake. Can you believe it?! Portuguese jokesters over at had apparently mocked up the giant blob of technology as “a small prank to a regional community [that got] extrapolated to international sites as a ‘real’ piece of news.” Sorry to be… Read More

  • Hackers detonate fake nuke on live news; Czech Republic is so not amused

    Hackers are an annoyance usually, but sometimes they pull a funny or tricky prank, and then I must stand up and politely applaud. Sadly, they sometimes get caught. Such is the case of six ill-fated hacker types from the Czech Republic, who managed to sneak this fake nuclear blast into a news channel’s weather webcam. That is awesome. It’s a harmless prank, to be sure, but the group… Read More

  • Apple Charges $5 to Enter Apple Store? (Actually, No It Doesn't. It's a Joke.)

    At the time of this writing, 763 people dugg a BBspot story claiming that Apple had started charging $5 to enter Apple Stores. The theory behind the move was that it’d discourage people from crowding the store while gawking at the iPhone. It’s kinda like Bloomberg’s proposed traffic congestion tax. Only this story is fake. BBspot “produces a variety of features like… Read More

  • Alltel Adds City ID Enhanced Caller ID Function: Identifies Unknown Numbers By City, State

    This is kinda neat if you find yourself often getting phone calls from parties unknown. Alltel is rolling out with City ID, an enhanced Caller ID service that attempts to identify all those pesky “unknown” phone numbers by city and state. That way, if you get a call from Some Dude and the number doesn’t show up, the phone will display the city and state of the incoming call. Read More