• SWAT Team Detains Popular Gamer Who Was Live-Streaming ‘Counter-Strike’

    SWAT Team Detains Popular Gamer Who Was Live-Streaming ‘Counter-Strike’

    An incredible video showing the apparent swatting of a video game player who operates under the moniker ‘Kootra‘ was published today. Swatting is a prank that involves falsely telling the police of a dangerous situation so that a SWAT — special weapons and tactics (SWAT) — team is deployed in response, erroneously. The police are led to believe that they need to roll… Read More

  • DIY: The Microsoft Office car alarm prank
    Microsoft Office Car Alarm Prank – Watch more Funny Videos Just in case you missed it, and because it’s Sunday and a slow news day, here’s a little DIY project that some evil geniuses cooked up. Take one box from Microsoft Office, install a car alarm in it (with motion switches), set it out in public, and film the mayhem. Enjoy your moment… Read More

  • MIT powers up in celebration of Smash Bros. release

    Those nerdish pranksters at MIT, in their grand tradition of video game-related hooliganism, took some time out of their busy class schedule to hang a few select power-ups around the main building there. I’m partial to the banana because of years of Mario Kart experience so I’m glad to see it getting some fanfare of its own. How come I don’t see Pokeballs hanging from… Read More