Thousands Of File Sharers' Details Leaked Online: Music, Movies & Pr0n Sharers Beware!

<img src="" />Do you subscribe to Sky Broadband in the UK? Have you ever torrented pr0n? Terrible news! The names of many thousands of you

We made pR0n better

I never thought about it this way, but it seems we — us bunch of nerds — have slowly changed the porn landscape. Regina Lynn at Wired points out sites like and [fe

Yahoo! Predicts! More! Porn! On! Mobiles!

Apologies to the Register for stealing their Yahoo! headline schtick. 2008 will be the year mobile porn gets a foothold on the market, say a number of sources in the industry. Europe, always ahead in

Boobik=sexy Twitter?

You know what’s not Web 2.0 enough? Porn. That’s right. Where’s my porno social network? Where’s my Porno Pownce? Where’s my porno Facebook? Well, here’s a porno Tw

iPorn fer Yer iPhone

Playboy, always at the forefront of high technology and commerce, has created some special wallpapers for your iPhone. Not much skin in these — they want you to “buy” their “ma