Airtable’s Howie Liu to join us at Disrupt 2020

Collaborative enterprise software is absolutely booming, and Airtable is riding that wave in a very real way. The company, which offers a flexible, collaborative database product, has raised more than

NetBase Offers Powerful Semantic Indexing Platform That Reads The Web

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/netbase-logo-215x68.png" width="215" height="68" /> Regular search engines such as Google and Yahoo use statistics to make sense of the Web.

Powerset, The Neutered Version

<img style="float:right;" alt="" />Microsoft promises that this is just the beginning of the <a href="http://www.techmeme.com/080917/p84#a080917p84">integration</a> with the <a href="https://techcrunc

Next Year's Headline: Microsoft fails to do anything significant with Powerset

There is one glaring detail that everyone who reported on the Microsoft-Powerset acquisition has failed to mention: Powerset is a Unix based company. All of its core components – its application

Interview With Barney Pell and Ramez Naam About Microsoft’s Powerset Acquisition: Integration By End Of Year

I spoke with Powerset cofounder/CEO Barney Pell and Microsoft’s Live Search General Program Manager Ramez Naam shortly after Microsoft’s announcement of their acquisition of Powerset earli

Microsoft Bets On Natural Language Search To Battle Google

Techcrunch confirms that Microsoft has announced that they have acquired natural language search engine Powerset for a sum rumored to be around $100M. The acquisition is another key step in Microsofts

Ok, Now It's Done. Microsoft To Acquire Powerset

Microsoft will announce today that they have acquired San Francisco based semantic search engine Powerset. The acquisition price is not being disclosed, but our understanding from sources close to the

Microsoft To Buy Powerset? Not Just Yet.

VentureBeat is reporting that Microsoft has agreed to buy semantic search engine Powerset for somewhere around $100 million, which is the price we previously reported was being offered to the company.

Powerset Unveils iPhone-Optimized Wikipedia Search

Powerset, the natural language search engine that partially launched in May, has released a mobile version of their site that allows users to quickly search Wikipedia from their iPhone. Since the rele

Stealth Search Engine Blekko Gets Money From Marc Andreessen, SoftTech

2008 is the year of the search engine startup. Hot on the heels of Powerset’s partial launch earlier this week, stealth search engine Blekko (no logo, no website, just this and, apparently, some

Powerset Launches Showcase For User Search Experience

Today marks another milestone for San Francisco based contextual search engine Powerset. They’ve launched a showcase for their user search experience – effectively the search engine minus

Powerset's Dilemma: Go For It, Or Sell

San Francisco based search startup Powerset will be launching shortly. For now, Powerset will query only Wikipedia and Freebase. But as I said when the product was demo’d to me a few weeks ago,

Blodget Says Facebook Is Only Worth $9 Billion, Hypothetically Speaking

Putting a value on private companies is hard enough for insiders and venture capitalists who have full access to the company’s financial statements. When outsiders try to do it, even well-inform

Powerset Will Launch In Coming Weeks

San Francisco based Powerset will be publicly launching a long-awaited beta version of the service in the coming weeks, the company told me yesterday. They are working on a new kind of search engine t

Microsoft Blews Brings Back Memories Of Rocket Pops At The Beach

Ok, so that isn’t an actual picture of the new Microsoft Blews news aggregator that was announced by Microsoft Research today, but tell me that the screen shot (see below) doesn’t bring ba

Find Something That Is "X" And Has "Y" With Circos

Keyword search gets you pretty far when looking for pure information, but doesn’t help much on more qualitative searches like trying to find the hippest restaurant in SOHO. Searches like the lat

The Next Google Search Challenger: Blekko

Rich Skrenta, who created the first computer virus (Elk Cloner), co-founded the Open Directory Project, and co-founded online news site Topix, may have bitten off the biggest challenge of his career &

Google's Norvig Is Down On Natural Language Search

Don’t expect to see natural-language search at Google anytime soon. Despite the buzz of startups like Powerset and, to a lesser degree, true knowledge, Google’s head of research Peter Norv

Founders Fund Closes $220 Million Second Fund

San Francisco based Founders Fund launched in 2005 with a $50 million venture fund. They’ve had two liquidity events since then, and a handful of other very high profile investments (Facebook, P

Powerset Looking for a New CEO

Natural-language search startup Powerset is going through some growing pains. Barney Pell is stepping down from the CEO spot. He will now become the CTO, and he and Powerset’s board will conduct
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