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Prepared food distribution service Power Supply rebrands as Territory and raises $6.7 million

If you thought the world didn't need another prepared food distribution and delivery service, apparently you'd be wrong, as the newly minted startup Territory has managed to pull in $6.7 million for i

Homey’s PowerUp is the MacBook charger Apple should have made

Trust Apple to be courageous enough to strip away all the old-fashioned USB ports. And trust the rest of us to realize that 90 percent of our peripherals still run on the old standard. Apple's retort

MIT creates an intelligent power supply that lets hardware sip energy

Researchers at MIT have created a power supply for small electronic devices that “sips” energy by turning devices on with packets of energy rather than a steady stream. Most power converte

Consumer-oriented investors may have an edge investing in digital health

Like most consumers, I continue to be frustrated by what feels like the slow progress of innovation in the traditional healthcare system. And yet, I’m eternally optimistic about the early-stage inno

Health-Centric Food Delivery Service Power Supply Raises $5M Seed Round

Power Supply, one of the growing number of food delivery services, today announced that it has raised a $5 million seed round led by Upfront Ventures. Other investors include Hanson Li (Saison, Locol)

Kickstarter: The Hydra Is A Configurable Power Supply Perfect For Your Next Home Robot Build

Often the stuff that gets press attention from Kickstarter tends to focus on the consumer market, but the Hydra is a new project on the crowdfunding site that could make big waves in everything from h

New switching power supply makes flat panel TVs thinner

Sony’s KDL-40ZX1 Bravia, the world’s thinnest LCD TV Osaka-based electronic component manufacturer Tabuchi Electric recently announced [JP, PDF] it has developed a switching power supply a

OCZ StealthXStream 600W: a perfectly decent PSU at a bargain price

In this exhaustive review, the StealthXStream is taken apart and examined minutely by what I can only describe as zealous enthusiasts in the hardware field. Normally I just read the comments at Newegg

FastMac TruePower 65-Watt Power Adapter Gets Run Over By A Car And Still Works!

FastMac has announced a nearly indestructible power adapter for Apple PowerBook G4 and iBook owners. The TruePower 65-watt AC adapter provides constant wattage that equals or exceeds other Apple brand