Puffco unveils the $299 Proxy, an innovative, modular cannabis vaporizer

Puffco has long led the market with innovative cannabis vaporizers. The Puffco Peak Pro is easily one of the best e-rigs available, and the company just unveiled a new vape called the Proxy. It offers

Weed stocks are hitting new highs after Biden win

Cannabis was a big winner from the results of the United States’ election, and industry stocks are soaring on both the voting results and recent earnings. Companies such as Canopy Growth Corpora

Privateer closes $100M round at $600M+ valuation to invest in cannabis startups

It’s high times for the marijuana industry, which has been flourishing in recent years as more regions move to decriminalise the use of it for medical and other purposes. Now, Privateer Holding

This 3D-Printed Hydroponic System Snaps Together Like Pot-Laced LEGO

As we move towards a 420 future, hydroponic systems for a bit of homegrown foliage will be in great demand. The folks at 3Dponics are ready. They’ve announced a sort of modular hydroponic garden

The Parrot Pot And H2O Give You A Robotic Green Thumb

When you think of Parrot, chances are you are thinking about the A.R. Drone or its recently launched Bebop drone. But as its CEO Henri Seydoux told me in an interview earlier today, drones are only on

Wikileaf Is Like Yelp For Kine Bud

Dan Nelson has a dream. His dream is to offer an easy way to find the cheapest chronic in your pro-ganja neighborhood. While you could simply ask your buddy Badger how much he pays, Nelson thought, wh

The 4:20 Watch From Cadence

Candence is a well-known watch brand that makes a number of clever timepieces for decent upstanding folks but I’m afraid I’m not longer going to be able to support these jokers and their n

Teen's weed usage nets dad $9,000 for Guitar Hero III

You come home from work to find your teenaged son smoking pot with his loser friends in your back yard. Do you a) Lecture him about how marijuana’s a gateway drug and will turn him into a smelly

Our friend just passed away. We thought you might be able to cheer us up, we know who you are and you’re an incredible human and you’ve been through a lot and you’re an incredible actor. We’re all DEA agents, and we think you should smoke as much pot as you want to. And we love you.

I’m sorry for the long headline, people, but that’s what a group of women said to the “dude, you’re getting a Dell” guy, who now pours shots of tequila at Tortilla Flats

CrunchCrime: Man Busted for Pot Pics on Mobile

Cameras on cellphones are as common as Herpes on a Hilton, and are generally used for home made porn capturing precious moments digitally. That being said, you’ll want to be careful what you kee