• PostSecret Book Arrived

    The PostSecret book that I ordered back in October arrived from Amazon. I spent some time going through it last night and I really like it. PostSecret is one of the more interesting Web 2.0 companies (if you can call it a company). It certainly creates conversation, evokes emotion, and merges the online and offline worlds beautifully. If you’d like to buy the book, it is available at… Read More

  • The PostSecret Book

    Frank Warren the creator of the increasingly popular postsecret website is now coming out with a book entitled PostSecret : Extraordinary Confessions from Ordinary Lives. The PostSecret book is a hardcover with 288 pages published by Harper Collins/Regan Books. Inside, there are hundreds of color images of postcards. Many of the PostSecrets have never been seen before. Postsecret has been… Read More

  • Profile: PostSecret

    Editors Note: PostSecret is not a for-profit company as far as I can tell. But it is beautiful and interesting and I feel like profiling it here because, as we say in our About section, we are profiling companies “that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the web 2.0 space”. Clearly, PostSecret is making a cultural impact on the web.

    Website… Read More