Google Cloud expands its bet on managed database services

Google announced a number of updates to its cloud-based database services today. For the most part, we’re not talking about any groundbreaking new products here, but all of these updates address

Microsoft launches Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

While Microsoft's big Azure database news today is the launch of Cosmos DB, its new "planet-scale" distributed database service, there is a good chance that many developers will be more interested in

AWS goes after Oracle with new PostgreSQL support in Aurora

There were a lot of jokes and comments at Oracle’s expense today at the AWS re:Invent conference, but perhaps the boldest statement came when AWS announced it ¬†was adding PostgreSQL support to

Citus Data Update Gives True Real-Time Analytics

Sometimes necessity truly is the mother of invention, and such was the case recently with Citus Data, the company that helps you extend Postgres SQL and run analytics across massive amounts of data in

Heroku Forces Customer Upgrade To Fix Critical PostgreSQL Security Hole

Heroku customers are getting first access to a critical update to the PostgreSQL database system that will patch a major security hole. The overall PostgreSQL community will get access to an update on

Citus Data Launches CitusDB, An Analytics Database Based On Google Dremel With Parallel Processing At Its Core

<a target="_blank" href="">Citus Data</a> has launched <a target="_blank" href="

Your Database Is Probably Terrible

Databases aren't sexy, but they're the absolute foundation of the tech world, the ground on which all of its edifices are constructed. You probably use a hundred every day. At <em>least</em>. They're

Heroku Releases Free PostgreSQL App for OSX

Today <a target="_blank" href="">Heroku</a>, a platform cloud company owned by <a target="_blank" href=""></a>, released a free <a target=