• Posterous Targets Ning In Massive Switching Campaign. Who Is Next?

    Posterous Targets Ning In Massive Switching Campaign. Who Is Next?

    We’re big fans of easy-to-use blogging platform Posterous, which has seen fast growth, revenue and impressive funding since its launch in 2008. Over the past six months Posterous has steadily added nearly a dozen innovative features to its publishing platform, including static page support, comment moderation, custom domains, and a media sharing service for Twitter. And it’s no… Read More

  • Posterous Adds 'Pages', Enables 'About Me' Section You've Always Wanted

    Easy-to-use blogging platform Posterous has just launched a key new feature: Pages. No, the feature doesn’t sound sexy in the slightest — it allows you to create static webpages in addition to your main Posterous blog. But it finally allows you to link to supplementary pages like “About Me”, or “Contact Info” from your Posterous site. Of course, other… Read More

  • Posterous Starts Automatically Inserting Affiliate Links Into Sites, Forgets To Tell Users

    We’ve been tracking super-simple publishing service Posterous for quite a while now, and for the most part they’ve turned us into big fans. Unfortunately, they’ve just committed a fairly serious blunder. In a post earlier today, one Posterous user stumbled across the fact that his site was automatically converting all of his links to affiliate links using VigLink. There… Read More

  • Tumblr Rolls Out Make Money Plan Part 2: Beautiful Themes

    Earlier this month, Tumblr rolled out its first attempt at making money: a small ($9) fee to make your blog featured in a directory of blogs. Tomorrow, the service is officially rolling out its second revenue generator: premium themes. The initial 13 themes being featured in this roll-out look pretty great. They come from 7 different designers and will range in price from $9 all the way up to $49. Read More

  • Redpoint Invests $4.4 Million In Fast Growing Posterous

    Redpoint Invests $4.4 Million In Fast Growing Posterous

    San Francisco based Posterous, a fast growing publishing platform, has taken a $4.4 million investment from Redpoint Ventures. Partner Satish Dharmaraj, who is also an individual investor in Posterous, led the round and joins the company’s board of directors (and he maintains his personal blog at Posterous here). Posterous, founded in 2008 by Sachin Agarwal, Garry Tan and Brett Gibson, is… Read More

  • Google Buzz Boosts Sharing On Google Reader By 35 Percent

    Social sharing is becoming a big contributor to traffic for many sites. While Facebook and Twitter drive more sharing than any other services, Google is trying to compete with Buzz, which is now part of Gmail but shares links to article and blog posts through Google Reader. Over the past month, according to AddThis, sharing through Google Reader is up 35 percent, with a big jump on February… Read More

  • Posterous Turns Into A New Media Sharing Service For Twitter

    Dead-simple blogging and content distribution service Posterous has long used the URL as a custom branded Web address for blog posts hosted on its platform. Today, the startup is announcing that it has turned into a destination site of its own, more specifically making it the latest media sharing service for Twitter. Staying true to its well-earned reputation of keeping its… Read More

  • TypePad Dives Into Micro-Blogging With An Important New Feature: Free

    I don’t recall ever paying for a TypePad blog, but apparently I did. I learned this today when I logged in for the first time in years to see that the site I had set up in 2005 was deactivated because my credit card had expired. Lucky for me, I don’t have to pay anymore because TypePad has finally launched a free version of the service. TypePad Micro will be very familiar to anyone… Read More

  • Posterous Finally Has An iPhone App, Could Have Been Way Better

    We’re big fans (and users) of übersimple microblogging service Posterous here at TechCrunch, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting the day that the young upstart would finally come out with an iPhone app. Frankly, needing to go to the camera roll on my iPhone and e-mailing in pictures I wanted to post on my Posterous blog every time had become a little tedious. Now Posterous co-founder… Read More

  • Six Apart Equips TypePad For Microblogging, Posterous-Style

    Microblogging is one popular type of cake, and Six Apart damn well wants a piece of it too. The company has just added a new element to its TypePad offering: a so-called ‘microblog-style blog’, which I imagine could just as well simply be dubbed a microblog. If you know what Posterous is and does, it’s easy to explain what the new TypePad feature does: exactly the… Read More

  • Posterous Acquires Fellow Y Combinator Alum Slinkset

    Posterous, the dead-simple service that makes it super easy to share your blog posts and media across the web, has acquired Slinkset, a startup that allows users to quickly build social news sites similar to Reddit and Digg. will continue to operate, with Slinkset co-founder Brett Gibson joining Posterous full-time. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Both Slinkset and… Read More

  • More Ways To Shorten Those URLs: UnHub And

    URL shortening services are a dime a dozen, and despite wishes for them to vanish (with good reason) they’re here to stay and more popular than ever given the abundance of social services that thrive on short messages and links. TinyURL and appear to be the more popular of the bunch, but we’re seeing other services use their own custom URL shortening services at an… Read More

  • Another Contender Emerges: Posterous Takes On TwitPic With New API

    The race is on to become the dominant media sharing site on Twitter, with favorites like TwitPic and newcomers including PhotoBucket’s TwitGoo vying for popularity as Twitter begins to hit the mainstream. Now Posterous is looking to join the race with a new API that developers can integrate into their Twitter apps with a minimal amount of effort. We’re big fans of Posterous… Read More

  • ImageShack Launches Mediocre TwitPic Alternative

    ImageShack, the oft-forgotten and underestimated venture capital backed media hosting company, has quietly launched an alternative to the image sharing tools for Twitter already out there, like TwitPic and Twitxr. The tool is called Yfrog and like its counterparts it allows for immediate posting to your Twitter stream any image you upload or link to. Evidently, the image is hosted by… Read More

  • 2009: Products I Can't Live Without

    At the beginning of each year I traditionally publish a list of my favorite startups and products. This is the fourth year I’ve done this – previous lists: 2006, 2007, 2008. You guys get to pick the winners of the Crunchies – this list is all mine. This is a list of the products I tend to use daily. Some are for work (WordPress, Delicious, Zoho, etc.), some are for fun… Read More

  • Dead Simple Posterous Gets A Round Of Funding And Launches Group Blogs

    Posterous, which launched in June, is one of those sites that I tested and it stuck – I continue to post pictures to it regularly. What I like about it – you don’t have to create an account to use it. Just start emailing text and files (images, video, whatever) to and you’ve got a site where it all goes. And they’ve steadily added features. You… Read More

  • Y Combinator's Demo Day Summer 2008

    The twenty one startups from Y Combinator’s summer session are presenting their ideas and creations to investors in Boston this afternoon. Below are descriptions of the nine startups we haven’t covered and who don’t wish to remain in stealth mode any longer. See our prior coverage of Posterous, Anyvite, ididwork, Popcuts, and Slinkset – all of which are part of this… Read More

  • Posterous Beats Tumblr In Simplicity

    New Y Combinator startup Posterous launches today with what might be the simplest blogging platform to date. Yes, it’s even easier to use than Tumblr, which has a cult-following of users who like to post lots of pictures and short messages. Here’s how you create a blog on Posterous – email something to You’re done. Here’s how you post something… Read More