• Posterous 2.0 Is A Group Sharing App With A Website Attached

    Simple blogging service Posterous is taking its recently launched Posterous Groups function mobile this morning with the release of the Posterous 2.0 Android and iPhone apps. Along with the app’s previous functionality (including universal auto-posting), users can now create and participate in a Posterous Group over the phone, with the added advantage of setting up a permanent Posterous… Read More

  • Posterous Cofounder Garry Tan Steps Down, Heads To Y Combinator

    Garry Tan, one of the cofounders of easy-to-use blogging service Posterous, is moving on from the company. Tan will be leaving to take a position at Y Combinator, where he will serve as a designer in residence. Posterous doesn’t put much weight on titles, but Tan had a hand in the site’s engineering, design, and product development. Posterous isn’t taking off as quickly as… Read More

  • Report: Blogger Most Reliable Blogging Platform As Tumblr Tumbles On

    Uptime monitoring service Pingdom has tested five major blogging services for their reliability. Unsurprisingly given its recent woes, micro-blogging startup Tumblr received a disastrous score, while Google’s Blogger came up on top with not a second of downtime. Pingdom’s tests were performed once a minute over a period of two months, from October 15 to December 15, from… Read More

  • Posterous Launches Posterous Groups, A Simple Discussion Tool, And Android App

    Simple blogging platform Posterous has always been about email and co-founders Sachin Agarwal and Garry Tan have taken the idea of an email list one step further and developed Posterous Groups. Groups, an easier way to hold group discussion, hops on Mark Zuckerberg’s social bus and proves that its only a matter of time before all blogging platforms become even more social. “This… Read More

  • Posterous iPhone App Will Make You Finally Get A Posterous

    At least it did me. Touted by co-founder Sachin Agarwal as a one stop shop for all your sharing needs, the Posterous app (now available in the iTunes store) is extremely intuitive to use, and you don’t even need a Posterous to use it to start uploading photos, video and text, which, if you’ve enabled the Posterous “Autopost” feature will also post to your Facebook… Read More

  • Microblogging Wars Escalate: Posterous Claims Tumblr Blocks Its Autopost Feature

    Posterous users can automatically push content posted to their blogs onto other platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and so on. Up until recently, people could even post content like text, pictures and videos to their Posterous account and subsequently have it auto-posted to a Tumblr blog. Now, as of this morning it seems, people who try to link a Tumblr blog to the… Read More

  • iPad Reader Pulse Teams Up With Posterous To Make You A News Aggregator

    Alphonso Labs‘ Pulse app for the iPad provides a beautiful way to read your favorite feeds. Unfortunately, compared to the newer entry Flipboard, it’s not very socially personalized. An update tonight hopes to change that. Pulse is teaming up with Posterous to create a simple way for users to create their own “Pulses.” What this means is that they can with one tap add… Read More

  • Competition for Flickr: Snapfish buys Motionbox, Posterous courts Flickr users

    Snapfish, the photo sharing and printing site from Hewlett Packard, announced today that they’ve acquired the Motionbox video platform, allowing Snapfish to expand its video offering. Current Motionbox users will have their content migrated to their new Snapfish account, and the current Motionbox site will remain online until August. In related news, Posterous is wooing Flickr users as… Read More

  • Posterous Growing At More Than 700 Percent a Year

    Somewhere in between full blogging platforms like WordPress and the 140-character limit of Twitter, true microblogging sites like Tumblr and Posterous are taking off. I call these true microblogging sites because they are designed for quick hits but can support photos, themes, and other more blog-like features. Tumblr has been around longer and is getting quite big (23 million monthly… Read More

  • "Lawyers Are Expensive. We Can Be Friends." (@Posterous To @TwitPic)

    As you may have read yesterday, TwitPic and Posterous are currently in a row after the latter introduced a “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool that provides users with a one-click way to import TwitPic photos over to their Posterous blog. TwitPic isn’t into the idea and reportedly sent the Posterous team a letter last week threatening legal action against the company… Read More

  • Twitpic Blocks Posterous' Import Tool; Out Come The Lawyers

    Twitpic Blocks Posterous' Import Tool; Out Come The Lawyers

    Well that didn’t take long. Halfway into their big 15 importers in 15 days campaign, Posterous has managed to make one of their competitors very angry. Twitpic is so angry, in fact, that they’re blocking the service and threatening legal action. This morning, Posterous introduced their new “Rescue your photos from TwitPic” tool — a one-click way to import your… Read More