Garry Tan Says Goodbye to Y Combinator

Garry Tan is leaving the accelerator and investment firm Y Combinator after a four-year stint with the outfit. Tan had previously cofounded the easy-to-use blogging service Posterous, which was back

Posthaven Rises From Posterous’ Ashes To Launch “E-Mail To Post” As It Reaches Financial Sustainability

Posthaven, the blogging platform co-created by Y Combinator partner Garry Tan after his previous startup Posterous was bought and shut down by Twitter, has reached financial sustainability. They&#8217 Has Imported 15M Posts In The Last 30 Days, Remains A Top Safe Haven For Nomad Bloggers

Here’s a familiar scenario: You’ve become bored with the current blogging platform you’re on or it decides to shut down like Posterous did after Twitter acquired it. What do you d

Posthaven Launches In Public Beta, Has Saved 850K Posts Since Posterous Announced Its Shutdown Date Of April 30th

Once Twitter acquired Posterous, we knew that it was going to shut down at some point, as there was no way that the micro-blogging service would support a fully featured alternative platform. Once we

JustMigrate Launches To Move Posterous Blogs To Tumblr Just As Posterous Announces Imminent End

Just in time for Posterous’ closure on April 30th, a service has launched to bring Posterous blogs over to rival service, Tumblr. JustMigrate was announced the same day that Posterous unceremoni

Posterous Will Shut Down On April 30th, Co-Founder Garry Tan Launches Posthaven To Save Your Sites

It was just a matter of time before Twitter shut the blogging platform Posterous down, after acquiring the company last March. The team had already been folded into the flock, but this means that nobo

Twitter-Owned Posterous Is Not Accepting New Sign Ups To Blogging Platform Posterous Spaces

Posterous, the blogging platform that Twitter bought in <a href="">March 2012</a> for an undisclosed sum, appears t

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program: Posterous Raises $5 Million

Um, oh hey guys, what's up? Nothing much over on my side, except that I'd really like a Diet Coke. Also, I'm hearing that nascent photo sharing app née blogging platform <a href="http://www.posterous

Posterous Joins The SXSW Pile On With Posterous Events For iPhone

<img src="" /> Because you ain't nobody unless you have<a href="

Posterous 2.0 Is A Group Sharing App With A Website Attached

<img src="" />Simple blogging service <a href="">Posterous </a>is taking its recently launched <a href="https://be

Posterous Cofounder Garry Tan Steps Down, Heads To Y Combinator

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /><a href="">Garry Tan</a>, one of the cofounders of eas

Report: Blogger Most Reliable Blogging Platform As Tumblr Tumbles On

<img src="" /> Uptime monitoring service <a href="">Pingdom</a> has <a href="

Posterous Launches Posterous Groups, A Simple Discussion Tool, And Android App

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-254808" title="Create a new group" src="" alt="" width="622" height="308" /> Simple blog

Posterous iPhone App Will Make You Finally Get A Posterous

<img src="" alt="" />At least <a href="">it did me</a>. Touted by co-founder <a href="

Microblogging Wars Escalate: Posterous Claims Tumblr Blocks Its Autopost Feature

<img src="" /> <a href="">Posterous</a> users can automatically push content posted to their blogs onto other platfor

iPad Reader Pulse Teams Up With Posterous To Make You A News Aggregator

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-203335" title="Screen shot 2010-08-02 at 9.00.50 PM" src="" alt="" /><

Competition for Flickr: Snapfish buys Motionbox, Posterous courts Flickr users

<img src="" />Snapfish, the photo sharing and printing site from Hewlett Packard, announced today that they've acquired the Motio

Posterous Growing At More Than 700 Percent a Year

<img src=""> Somewhere in between full blogging platforms like Wordpress and the 140-character limit of Twitter, true microbloggi

"Lawyers Are Expensive. We Can Be Friends." (@Posterous To @TwitPic)

<img src="" /> <a href="">As you may have read</a> yesterday, <a href="ht

Twitpic Blocks Posterous' Import Tool; Out Come The Lawyers

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-193508" title="Screen shot 2010-06-29 at 6.34.58 PM" src="" alt="" />W
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