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  • Post-it Index Cards: A ray of light in our otherwise dreary day

    You can tell when someone is in love with office products when they actually “test” them in real life situations. Take OfficeSupplyGeek’s look at the Post-It index cards he found at Staples. These mysterious cards can be applied to walls, wood, and dry erase boards and are, for all intents and purposes, basically index cards with stickiness on them. But aren’t they so… Read More

  • Japanese company sells USB stick with built-in "Post-it" pad

    I am doubting that the original Post-it brand is really behind this, but a Japanese company called Actbrise [JP] (slogan: “Seven falls and eight rises.”) is selling a USB stick with a built-in sticky note pad [JP]. Read More

  • Pock-it: Like a post-it, but with a pocket

    Addicted to post-it notes? Yeah, me neither, not even the widget kind. (I’ve completed disabled Dashboard, for the record. Good riddance.) But this—this is a little different. It’s called a pock-it and it improves on the post-it design by having glue on three sides. Stick it to the wall and it not only acts as a post-it, but also as a little pocket. Clever, that. The uses… Read More