portal 2

  • Portal 2 to be released in 2011!

    Portal 2 now has an official release date: 2011. So says a fancy e-mail we just got from Valve. That gives you around a year to play it before the world ends, according to people who misinterpret the Mayan calendar. Read More

  • Portal corporate training program a huge success

    Following the announcement that Portal is free on Steam, at least for a little while, Valve Aperture Science has also released a video discussing the merits of using Portal’s home training version for corporate advancement. There’s also a hint that Portal 2 might have a co-op mode. It’s definitely worth your time to take a look at the video though. [via Boing Boing] Read More

  • Steam UI update hits on Monday

    Steam has been working on their new UI for a few months now, I’ve been using it for a while, but it sounds like it’s finally going to be released. The new version has some really nice cosmetic updates, as well as some added functionality (such as a much loved/hated achievement system). Read More

  • Portal 2 in Game Informer, scanned for your pleasure

    I haven’t even looked at these yet. I saw them on Reddit and immediately came here to put them up. So that’s why this post is so short. Wait, I just read this: “Portal was a test bed. Portal 2 is a game.” Ah jeah! And it’s out this fall. All these are in this month’s issue of Game Informer. Go to your local newsstand! Read More