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Review: Seagate's USB 3.0 BlackArmor PS110 portable hard drive kit

The future is here, everyone. Let’s check out the just-announced Seagate BlackArmor PS110 Performance kit. It’s Seagate’s first USB 3.0 product and it’s noice — where noi

The tiny LaCie Rikiki portable hard drive, everyone

Portable hard drives are always getting smaller. That’s a good thing. LaCie just announced its latest and is calling the Rikiki the most compact on the market. I can’t confirm that claim,

Iomega ‘eGo Helium’ drive for MacBook Air owners

To be fair, you don’t have to own a MacBook Air in order to purchase Iomega’s eGo Helium portable hard drive. It is, however, “a perfect match for the new MacBook Air notebook” according to Io

Seagate announces cornucopia of external hard drives

Not to be outdone by Western Digital, Seagate announced a plethora of external hard drives today under the FreeAgent series. Moreover, a couple of the FreeAgents are touting ‘firsts.’ The FreeAgen

LG launches portable, external hard drives in Korea

Expanding into the portable storage space, LG has recently launched a line of external hard drives called the XD1. The 2.5-inch drives range from 120 to 320GB in size and come in shiny black or shiny