portable gaming

  • Please observe the 'Xbox 1080' handheld console prototype

    Not-actually-real portable Xbox 360 anyone? Here’s the “Xbox 1080” prototype from Carl Archambeault, an impossibly portable console with a slide-out LCD screen. Where do the optical discs go? Who knows? And what’s the battery life? Let’s say 100 hours! Read More

  • Nomad-like portable gaming machine plays Genesis cartridges

    Remember the Sega Nomad? If you excitedly shot up out of your chair yelling “YES!” then you may be interested in a newer, more streamlined device called the Retro-Gen Portable that’ll be available for $50 in about a month. Read More

  • Portable game emulator looks like a Game Boy Micro, plays all sorts of ROMs

    Now here’s a portable emulator system that actually looks nice and has an old-school four way gamepad. Chinavasion’s Multi Platform Portable Gaming Entertainment Station “is often lovingly called the Delightfully Small (DS) gaming entertainment system,” according to the product page. While it doesn’t look quite like a traditional DS, it borrows a lot of the… Read More

  • GamePark releasing new GP2X portable in October

    GP2X, fine purveyor of open source handheld gaming devices, will be releasing the GP2X Wiz on October 9th for around $180. The Wiz will replace the F-200 from about a year ago. You can pre-order the Wiz at Play-Asia if you’re the type that likes to cross stuff off the to-do list well in advance. The device features a 533MHz processor with 3D accelerator, Linux-based OS, an SDK… Read More

  • Pirates! Yarrrr! T’is why thar be no sissy PSP games!

    I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you PSP fans out there; Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton told Engadget that the reason there aren’t any new PSP games coming out is, you guessed it, pirates! Tretton said that "piracy in the hundreds of thousands of units are preventing software sales. It’s a problem that affects our software sales right now." He also blamed the… Read More

  • Duke Nukem trilogy coming to handheld platforms

    Ah, Duke Nukem. You bring me back to a simpler time. A time when you and Commander Keen were my two best digitally-rendered friends. You two, along with what’s-his-name from Wolfenstein 3D. According to Spong, Apogee Software is currently working on the Duke Nukem Trilogy, a trio of Duke Nukem-based games for the Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable. The games will be available… Read More

  • Updated Gamepark GP2X Due This Fall

    The GP2X series of open source portable gaming devices will include the new GP2X F-200 this fall. Notable updates include a touch screen and a redesigned D-pad. The main draw of these Linux-based portables is built-in emulator support, allowing you to play games from systems including NES, MAME, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, SNES, and Atari Lynx. Read More

  • Game Boy XP PC

    The Nintendo Game Boy. The pinnacle of portable gaming. Now though the original Game Boy no longer lives on, some crafty Japanese DIYer cooked up this PC inside an original Nintendo Game Boy. The A and B buttons have been replaced with indicator-lights and the cartridge slot is now a CF reader. The CF card that it comes with has Windows XP pre-installed so you can log on right away. Most… Read More

  • New Nintendo DS Screen Coming?

    If colorful Nintendo Wiis don’t catch your attention, maybe speculation of a Nintendo DS does. A few popular Japanese blogs and forums have information posted revolving around a new Nintendo DS handheld, which will feature bigger screens for both top and bottom panels. The screens will measure 3.5 to 3.8-inches (currently they are both 3-inches on the DS Lite.) I’m confident… Read More