Portable DVD

  • CradleVue – 'cause what's a roadtrip without Sponge Bob

    High-end portable DVD players are a scam. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Sure you can pick up a Walmart special for $75, but those $200 models just don’t make sense when most people already have a notebook with an optical drive and a larger screen. But notebooks get hot and you might not want your little ones holding it for hours during a road trip. Enter the CradleVue. Read More

  • Toshiba makes watching DVDs easier with a cornucopia of options

    Toshiba realizes their folly with HD DVD so they’re trying to make up for it with a wide variety of DVD players, portable DVD players and LCD TV/DVD combos. First up is the 22-inch widescreen LCD with 1680×1050 resolution and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Response time is a blazing 5ms with HDMI and PC inputs as well as a thin chassis depth of 2.95-inches. It also supports WMA, MP3… Read More

  • Dual Wireless DVD Player for Lovers, Kids

    If you’re lonely, don’t read any further. This product isn’t for you “live at home in Mom’s basement kind of geeks” like Vince. No, this device is for couples, people in love. You might have seen them on your TV. Maybe you pine about being part of one. Maybe you are, but that would really be weird. Anyway, the dual-audio out on this portable DVD player… Read More

  • Mustek's Dual-Screen Portable DVD Player

    These things are still completely alien to me. Back when I was a kiddie and my parents would chauffeur my friends and I around, we often hypothesized about the ability to play video games and watch movies in the backseat. I guess it was always inevitable, but it seemed rather impossible at the time. Anyway, for today’s kids, this is very much a reality. Rather than wishing for… Read More