Ron Jeremy lashes out at streaming porn sites

[photopress:ronjeremyyyy.jpg,full,center] Yes, I have my very own photo of Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy, Thespian, doesn’t like that sites such as YouPorn are sucking the adult entertainment industry d

Eroticism Comes to Microblogging with Boobik?

The tenets of Web 2.0 are not without their pornographic, or otherwise erotic, applications. We’ve covered PornoTube and EroShare, both of which are sites for user-generated porn. Now we’v

Porn biz cracking down on piracy (no pun intended)

It wasn’t a question of if, but when huh? The porn industry is finally sick of losing money to piracy and is starting to crack down on sites like PornoTube, which has just had a lawsuit filed ag

Porn Set Free: Age Record Keeping Deemed Unconstitutional

Creators of porn websites have been set free of onerous confirmation of age record keeping laws, after the Unites States Court of Appeals found that the law requiring the keeping of these records was

New Generation Adult Sites Roundup

Online porn is usually a cutting edge industry and it is always all about the money. The industry is often first to the Internet with new features that eventually trickle down to mainstream consumer s

Internet Pornography Stats

Check out this video from Good Magazine that shows a number of stats about the Internet pornography industry, in an “almost” not safe for work format. It is staggering how much actual mone

YouTube has Porn Clone

The porn industry has always had an “early adopter” model. We’ve covered a few porn related sites that have adopted new web features in the past (notably Heatseek and Social Porn). P