• Should Tech Companies Be Subject To The Fourth Amendment? Crunch Network

    Should Tech Companies Be Subject To The Fourth Amendment?

    As courts grapple with how to apply the Fourth Amendment’s privacy provisions to online crime fighting, it may become difficult for law enforcement and technology companies to collaborate to fight terrorism and other crimes. Read More

  • Are Secret’s Raging Hormones A Problem Or An Opportunity?

    Are Secret’s Raging Hormones A Problem Or An Opportunity?

    I can’t recall the exact wording on the short-lived post that found its way into my personal feed on Secret, the anonymish sharing app, the other day. But the illustrative image behind it was less easy to forget. It depicted a naked trio, consisting of a guy and two girls. Let’s just call them ‘entangled’. Read More

  • Should Employees Be Fired For Using Their Job-Provided Laptops To Look Up Porn?

    Here’s a fascinating privacy debate for y’all to chew on this Friday afternoon. A public official in Australia was sacked after it was discovered that he had searched for “knockers” on his work-provided computer. The computer had been running monitoring software, Spector360, that took screenshots every 30 seconds, so it found him looking for “knockers”… Read More

  • Music Piracy May Be Going Away But It's Not Dead Yet

    A recent study suggests that the music industry has done such a good job pushing people toward legal services (iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, etc.) that online music piracy has all but disappeared. While it’s probably true that the proliferation of legal alternatives has made illegal methods less attractive—why run the risk of contracting malware trying to download the new Sei A album from… Read More

  • Adult Movie Industry Follows RIAA's Footsteps, Sees Lawsuits As New Revenue Source

    It used to be that when you thought of BitTorrent-related lawsuits you’d think of the RIAA, or maybe the MPAA. It may be time to update that line of thinking. TorrentFreak notes that we’re now approaching 100,000 copyright infringement lawsuits filed here in the US of A in the past 12 months alone. The thing is, it turns out that pornography studios are now where the RIAA was… Read More

  • Dumb: Clergyman gets caught leering at porn using church computers

    A Swedish clergyman is in a bit of hot water after it was discovered that he used the church’s computers to download an insane amount of pornography. I bring this up because A) it’s funny and B) it’s yet another reminder to compute responsibly. Surfing whatever it is that tickles your fancy in the privacy of your own home, and without dumb script kiddies eavesdropping on… Read More

  • Ron Jeremy lashes out at streaming porn sites

    Yes, I have my very own photo of Ron Jeremy Ron Jeremy, Thespian, doesn’t like that sites such as YouPorn are sucking the adult entertainment industry dry. It seems Mr. Jeremy, known for his roles in such works of art as Afro Erotica 12 and Aunt Peg Goes to Hollywood, thinks such Web sites are destroying the industry and ought to be shut down. Read More

  • Australia moving ahead with ISP-level porn filtering despite previous failures

    [photopress:ausxxx.jpg,full,center] Despite the fact that previously attempted ISP-level filtering technology failed, the Australian government will go ahead with a plan to implement such filtering, starting with a trial in Tasmania. The Government will spend $89 million to deploy the filtering system in hopes of protecting youngsters from accessing X-rated material. (For illustrative… Read More

  • Porn industry turns its sexy back on HD DVD format

    The pornography industry, ever-delivering the deciding blow (pun intended) in video format wars, looks to be jumping mid-race from one pony to another. See first the industry picked the HD DVD pony. Then that pony stumbled and has currently commenced its falling-down sequence, so Porn jumped onto the Blu-ray pony as it was passing the HD DVD pony, which it started to do a couple of weeks… Read More